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How will old armor work with old mods next season? Some questions still need answers.

destiny2 5 - How will old armor work with old mods next season? Some questions still need answers.

In the May 14th TWAB, we learned the following:

Starting in Season 12, armor will no longer have a Seasonally rotating fourth mod slot. Instead, there will be a mod slot that accepts mods introduced into the game throughout a full year. We recognize that the current need to replace your armor every two to three Seasons, and hoard armor from past Seasons, is undesirable.

So armor acquired in the next season or next expansion will have a new Y4 mod slot for all Y4 mods. Great news. What about season 13 armor? Will it have the same Y4 mod slot or something for the next year, i.e. 13-16? It should be the former for this example.

Okay, what about old armor though?

One thing we know was from a TWAB this past week:

In our May 14 TWAB we announced that gear would begin to have a Max Power Level starting in Season of Arrivals, but that weapons and armor from the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation raids would be granted exceptions. Currently, this gear doesn’t indicate that, but it will in a future update. Both armor and weapons from Last Wish and Garden of Salvation will be updated retroactively with the Season of Arrivals watermark and will have a Season 14 Max Power Level.

Additionally, all armor from all other Destiny 2 raids will be updated retroactively with the Season of Arrivals watermark and will have a Season 14 Max Power Level.

With this season, we welcomed more Charged with Light mods into the meta. However to maximize use of this mod system, you would be best suited to use armor from last season with the Worthy mod slot since you could use mods from Dawn, Worthy, and Arrival. But you can’t just use Worthy armor exclusively, especially if you are like me and have been running the Garden of Salvation raid regularly for the pinnacle drops. I keep an extra set of Garden or Dawn armor to make sure I can slot 4/5x Enhanced Relay Defender (Undying) mods.

This is part of the problem that I assume Bungie is trying to address with the new slot system. But with armor from all raids being brought forward to presumably have the Arrival icon/slot to stave off sunsetting, that would mean that the armor from Garden would no longer be able to slot mods from the raid that it comes from! In addition, Taken mods with Last Wish armor, Hive mods with Leviathan/Crown armor, and Fallen mods with Scourge armor would all be incompatible under the current system.

So. Here are a few questions that I still have…

  1. What exactly will happen to armor we’ve gotten up to this point? We know that there will be a Y4 mod slot; will all old armor retroactively receive a Y3 or Y2 mod slot? Or will they stay the same?


    I could see this going either way, honestly. Having a Y3 slot would limit this armor we are getting now to be (not completely) useless for whatever new mods or systems that are introduced in the expansion, since season 11 armor would only be for seasons 8-11 now. But farming new armor in the expansion, especially with a new campaign, will be pretty easy. Plus, it would solve the issue of being able to use all mods introduced this year (in Destiny) without having to have a hodgepodge of armor from different seasons.

    However, keeping the same system for “legacy” armor will effectively sunset mods that will still be somewhat relevant moving into Y4, like the raid mods for Garden of Salvation. If that's the way they want to handle sunsetting mods, so be it. But it would be a shame to introduce all these interesting concepts for such a short amount of time, assuming Rahool/prime engrams would still provide armor from previous seasons. It would also still contribute to a lot of armor hoarding which is one of the problems they are trying to address.

  2. What will happen to older mods, like Hive Barrier?

    These are definitely “legacy” mods from Y2 that are specific to the older raids but still have relevance today, like some of the Taken mods from Last Wish being particularly useful in the new Prophecy dungeon. But with the old raid armor being brought up to the Arrival slot next season, we’re locked out of using them on the armor that will be useful moving forward.

    I would love to see these re-introduced as general mods that could be used on any armor piece, maybe Taken on arc affinity, Hive on solar, Fallen on void or something like that. It would be a nice middle ground to avoid having to keep armor from the Dreaming City around just for the Taken mods.

  3. This is all not even touching transmogrification, which is coming soon and we have no real info on either. Will we need to keep old armor that we like or will we be able to pull it from collections somehow?

    Do I need to grind out more Escalation, Leviathan, and Menagerie armor? Or can I hold off on that since most of it I already have in collections? This is a big one, especially since we won't be able to get this armor once these destinations are sunset next season.

All of these questions have me hoarding all the armor that has a decent roll or look which is the exact opposite of what this new system is trying to have – all because we don’t have enough information.

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