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How Zen Moment ACTUALLY works

destiny2 5 - How Zen Moment ACTUALLY works

From my experience, most players and content creators do not understand how Zen Moment works at this time in Destiny 2. It may have worked differently in the past, but this is how it works now.

Zen moment does not:

  • Improve the stability stat (neither visibly on the bar or invisibly)
  • Reduce recoil severity for the whole weapon model
  • Change where your bullets go
  • Improve the longer you shoot

Zen moment does:

  • Fully stabilize the dot sight on certain weapons*, which is only a visual assist – it's subjective and does not directly change the performance of the gun
  • Begin working at full strength the instant you land your first bullet
  • Stop working the instant you miss a bullet or stop shooting

How did I arrive at these conclusions? Through testing, which you can do yourself. Go find a tanky boss in patrol or a lost sector. Have 2 copies of the weapon – one with Zen Moment and one without – with roughly equal stability and recoil direction. Fire the one without ZM at the boss' legs, then continue firing without manually adjusting your crosshair. Watch how high the crosshair climbs in one clip. Watch how jiggly the sights are, if that gun even has the right type of sights. Next, do the same for the Zen Moment roll. Your gun should climb equally high both times, indicating no stability difference. What you're looking for is how stable the dot sight is for each roll.

does a pretty good job of demonstrating it. Except he's wrong about the effect taking several shots to activate.

NOTE: I do not play on MnK, but from footage I've seen of a Gnawing Hunger, the dot sights may be fully stabilized by default on MnK, making Zen Moment utterly useless on that input. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Alternatively, Zen Moment could just have different effects on MnK – it might affect 'real' stability. See this post and its replies below.

Remember that Zen Moment only provides a subjective benefit – it makes it easier to tell where your shots are going to go. It does not objectively affect weapon performance. Think of there effectively being two crosshairs – an invisible one that moves with the entire weapon model based on your stability and recoil stats and determines where your bullets go, and a visible one represented by the dot which jiggles outside the other crosshair. Zen moment stabilizes the jiggle so that you can see where your crosshair 'actually' is. If an aimbot was using the weapon, Zen Moment would do absolutely nothing. So it's entirely up to you if it seems helpful or not.

*Lots of weapons do not have the type of sight that Zen Moment affects, so it is utterly useless for them. Slow RoF and semi-automatic weapons tend not to have a jiggly dot sight, and if they do, the amount it jiggles is far less noticeable when you're only shooting <300 rpm. For the slowest RoF weapons, the time between each shot might even prevent the continuous hits necessary to sustain Zen Moment, but I am not sure. Either way you likely wouldn't notice it.

In all my testing I've found Zen Moment to only be useful on certain SMGs, autos, and LMGs. No scouts, hand cannons, or sidearms. Pulses are more difficult to assess.

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