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I always thought people’s horror stories about LFG-raids were exaggerations, but after sherpaing 30 clears, I finally ran into “the group” you all talk about that ruins your entire LFG experience.. and boy, I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

destiny2 10 - I always thought people's horror stories about LFG-raids were exaggerations, but after sherpaing 30 clears, I finally ran into "the group" you all talk about that ruins your entire LFG experience.. and boy, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

I should start this out by saying I work with the developmentally disabled and folks suffering from various forms of dementia. I don't say that to humble brag, only to say that my level of patience is likely higher than the average persons. I actually do the raids to test this patience, and to try and grow as a person.. I know, this is really coming off as a humble brag, but I used to have anger issues and social anxiety, and doing this stuff really helps.

That said I just spent the last 4 hours helping someone trying to sherpa 4 people through the raid, and it was truly something.

I wasn't even sherpaing, I often join when someone else is teaching, when they post "LF2M willing to teach" so that if they do struggle, I can step in and between me and the sherpa we can usually 2-man clutch while the other 4 learn the mechanics. It usually works well. But not this time.

It started off with racial slurs and quickly went downhill from there. Kids will be kids is a saying, and I try not to judge, but I asked them politely not to go there and they obliged. After that I didn't think anything of it, and we began the entrance of the raid. At this point one of the new people started purposefully dying from frostbite, which quickly triggered the other 3 new people. It took us an hour to sparrow to the actual 1st encounter.

I uphold that I'm absolutely fine with people not knowing what to do, if I didn't think that I shouldn't be joining teaching raids. But these people were making fun of the guy teaching the raid, and then calling him sensitive when he tried to defend himself. They wiped immediately and repeatedly and then yelled at him for not telling them what to do, at which point I stepped in and sent them my raid guide I made for new folks. They then starting making fun of me for having no life. Which is fine, being the butt of people's jokes is not new to me, as I've said I have thick skin. So, honestly that was perfect, they could make fun of me to dispel their excess emotion, the teacher wouldn't be stressed, and the raid would go on.


This piling on of emotional immaturity came to a precipice when the raid guide who at this point was swapping rolls at Atraks, going both space and earth, doing more than he would need to even if he was doing a 3-man, forgot to send down an extra pod for the final damage phase leaving us with only 5 people to do it.. We beat the encounter, but multiple of the new people at this point started calling him out despite the fact that this guy and I did literally 75% of the damage to Atraks while swapping roles between us. They all talked over the entire space-walk talking shit to the guy, ruining that experience, but he was a champ about it, and continued showing them where the chests were and all the tablets.

He starts teaching the next encounter, the easy encounter before the final Taniks boss fight, and they purposeful start interrupting him, at which point he DMs me "I can't believe this", to which I respond "I know, but you're doing great and we're really close. I don't think they understand just how toxic they are being". We get through the encounter very fast, but wipe. We get it on our second run, but the raid guide dies, once again because he's swapping positions and helping these new folks out. They get the final dunks, and they all refuse to res him. I don't have a token as I've already had to use it to get them up. Of course, they then start making fun of him and piling on.

We get to the final boss encounter and two of them decide they want to start the encounter immediately before being told what to do, the other two turn off their mics and don't turn them back on for the rest of the encounter. They force the sherpa to teach them, refusing also to communicate in chat, only responding by nodding yes or no to him by shaking their characters head, all while the other two are purposefully starting the encounter multiple times. We get through a few runs, and just before we get the final clear, two of them rage quit and leave.. leaving this guy who spent all this time trying to get a sherpa clear high and dry. The other two leave immediately, and him and I find a few replacements, and get it done 10 minutes later.

EDIT: thank you for the hugs, I literally had a panic attack from this experience. Doing another carry run now to get that horrible experience behind me.

EDIT 2: Just sherpaed 2 more through, and one of them got EoT. So happy to end tonights carries on a positive note.

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    Jan 17, 2021 7:16 pm

    Sorry to hear that mate. Both didnt deserve all that. I encounter couple of times these type of players to teach me raids… and because of these same expierence the toxic of players im not searching on lfg anymore. I only did one time the first raid and one time dreaming city. I am terrible at raids i know this. So with toxic players on lfg i dont even try it anymore. Wich sucks cuz i Like some weapons. But im to nervous to do something wrong and get yelled at me etc. What also hits me on lfg is all the requierments they type… Like… must have the emblem… must completed it before… kwtd or get kickt…All those things keep me away… cuz idk wat to do. And didnt complete it before. Its sad tho. In d1 everyone wanted to help eachother… But in d2 everyone is toxic.

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