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I am not giving cookies to shaw han.

destiny2 7 - I am not giving cookies to shaw han.

Not doing it. He is not one of us. Weak little fortnite ass couldn't even handle a single wizard. Who even is this guy? Dude looks like a captain shoved an entire Lord of Wolves up his ass and he's just happy about it. Gonna talk about how I'm fresh out of the grave when I'm decked out in raid gear and a giant ass exotic LMG. Out here talkin about how I can't handle a few fallen. Bitch I've killed gods. I teabagged a king. I rubbed my ass on his son's face and shat on his sister's mixtape. I defeated time itself and killed its master, and then later I danced on the corpse of his little brother. I taught the undying mind how to die and I showed a hive necromancer how final death truly is. I was running with legends while you were still a skeleton in your closet. I became a legend. The place where your fireteam died is the same place I used to go when I was bored and needed a few spinmetal leaves for my next upgrade. Fresh out of the grave. I'm fresh out of your mama's bedroom. Mama Han loves my stasis and couldn't get enough of my icicle. Motherfucker out here lookin like a police siren. Like I'm gonna take time out of my day to give you some blueberry bullshit. I don't need that triumph. What I need is a hunter to represent hunters. Not this hurrdurr lookin weewooweewoo ass who looks like he couldn't find his way out of a room with no walls. Over here lookin like he knows exactly what Zavala's ass smells like. Out here talkin about "thank the light". Thank this dick for doing your job for ya. As if that tiny cloak wearing ass could ever get it done himself. Dude lookin like he don't know how bibs work with his tiny cloak ass. uwu am smol lookin backwards bib ass cloak. Fuckin tiny Hans motherfucker out here with his damn red fish blue fish one dead two dead ass fireteam. Talkin about a few dregs and a couple vandals being a tall order. Motherfucker, when was the last time you fought Taniks, the Guess Who's Back, Back Again? Lookin like your best is Backstreet's Back Alright out here with this 90's boy band ass haircut. Gonna tell me that you need to go and check out the fallen shore but all you do is stand there and smile at a box all day. Vanguard operative my ass, more like Vanguard stoperative. Dude lost a couple friends and gave up, I lost my mentor and carried his body all the way back to the Vanguard while your friends were gettin killed by Omnigul's stunt double. Out here talkin about how youre jealous of the awoken because they have glowing skin when you got more sprayon tan than a wole ass albino sorority. Fuckin curb your fireteam ass motherfucker. Lookin like his ghost forget to resurrect his balls. Fuckin Crayola lookin ass.


No cookies for you.

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