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I Am Still Under the Belief That This Game Going F2P Was/Is Bungie’s & Destiny’s Downfall

destiny2 5 - I Am Still Under the Belief That This Game Going F2P Was/Is Bungie's & Destiny's Downfall

I know this has been a topic of discussion before however, I feel it is important that this gets talked about as we have been on a downward spiral since this game went 'Free to Play' as well as moved to Steam. There was a post detailing how player sentiment was doing since Forsaken to now and it is very evident that since Shadowkeep launched Bungie has been the catalyst to their shortcomings and don't seem to play Chess when it comes to putting out content they only see the short-term effects of an idea and never the effects of the idea thereafter .

I want to start by talking about my experience with bringing New Light players into the game; I have only brought in a handful of new players since the release of Shadowkeep which I feel Bungie had thought/hoped for players like me that have been in the game since launch to blow smoke up some new players' ass and tell them about all the amazing world-building, unique weapon quests, and raiding (Big emphasis there because, of the power cap changes to the older raids Bungie had hoped that new players were just going to jump straight on into this without realizing how flawed the social/guided aspects of this game have become since Destiny 1 and D2 Y1.) These new players did not last long into the release of Shadowkeep or the subsequent supplementary seasons to follow.

I had to ask these players that would quit why is that, and, a few claimed that there was no clear direction, to elaborate the few that said this, told me that the game just throws you to the wolves after the introductory mission hands you a bunch of quests with no varying degree of importance or structure, one had claimed, 'I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to get rid of that campaign they had.' I then had to explain who vendors the campaigns to you instead of the game knowingly setting players that haven't played the campaign at all to do so. Another player said they felt limited to the stuff they could do, which I empathize with as my clanmates would gather up to do a raid only to realize we would not be able to bring the newer player in with us forcing the party to disband so the new player could join in on activities or telling the new player that in essence your SoL, or running a raid the group never planned to do. Another player claimed they feel too late to the game, we have discussed FoMo a myriad of times here so I needn't bring it up but it reaches newer players all the same. These examples are only the shorthand figuratively speaking that does not even make up the book worth of complaints others have had since this game went free to play and these are only from new players.


So what was the point of even bringing that up? "It's simple math guardian" Bungie only planned on veterans shepherd-ing the new players to do all these quests/activities like a pet you would summon without any of the discovery or exploration that veterans did before New Light and had no idea how bland the experience would be if there were no veterans to taxi new players around. So I have to ask what was the design philosophy behind New Light and Free to Play in general? I understand that game design is hard "were it so easy – we'd all be doing it." But you guys at the studio make it feel like elementary with your pretentious ViDocs about the creation of a game type and how it is important that we do it right. Only an hour had passed with the release of Guardian Games before I had received an email from Bungie already popping champaign bottles at the 'successful' launch of GG. Meanwhile, I had received a notification that Kotaku had already posted an article detailing that "Destiny 2’s Guardian Days Is Another Boring Bounty Fest So Far" It is apparent to me that you guys just fail to see any oversight on an idea before you put it out to be this bigger than what is activity. Stop. Work on core issues you guys know without any doubt are issues the game is having, enough of the implementation of ideas no one is even asking for, and stop with the pretentious rhetoric with TWABs and ViDocs and just talk to the player base. With the game going F2P I'm surprised you weren't taking notes from games that are doing it right both Warframe & Path of Exile when they are at their prime they can't be beaten when it comes to community engagement, feedback, and monetization strategies. Path of Exile has a community showcase for their seasons, their community manager posts videos on their official Path of Exile channel of fun and zany builds for the season, Warframe has a development stream detailing what the team will do come time for the next big patch, I mean hell, you guys were doing dev streams during Forsaken what happened to that?

This game was not designed around doing supplementary tasks as main tasks. This game was not designed around buying skins as loot certainly not buying skins themed around the activity surely. This game was not designed for a battle pass system where the player is forced to log in on hours like a job so that they get their money's worth on flawed and half-baked ideas for 3-months at a time. Stop. Stop. Stop. The game would be eighteen-thousand percent better if it wasn't free to play, it is not hooking most new players unless they have a veteran to taxi them and explain everything they should be doing, or they happened upon a guide detailing what to do, you have and overwhelmingly-large amount of posts as-well-as reviews telling you to stop doing this battle-pass system and yet you have your community managers saying, 'No, we're just going to continue doing this, however, we hear your feedback.' Enough of this passive language and talk to us, avoid this seasonal model and give your dev team time to iron out bugs, and focus on community sentiment if you don't this sub-Reddit along with your forums and other outlets are going to remain a place where the discussion goes to die and Bungie will continue to do nothing about a declining player base.

TL;DR I wish this game just went back to being a paid experience, Free to Play doesn't work for this games' longevity and Bungie insists on implementing features designed to continuously milk time & money from the player base despite the myriad of complaints arguing otherwise.

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