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I Came Up With 44 New Weapon Perks

destiny2 4 - I Came Up With 44 New Weapon Perks

Over the weekend I brainstormed a bunch of new perks that could be fun to add to the weapon perk pool. Some of these might be better as an idea for an exotic (Full Send, for example). For most of these I didn’t worry about coming up with exact values or percentages.

Anyway, here they are. Let me know if you think of any others.

  • Snakeskin Grip – Grants +15 mobility when equipped

  • Lionhide Holster – Grants +15 resilience when equipped

  • Eagletalon Sights – Grants +15 recovery when equipped

  • Birdshot – This weapon fires a spread of small bullets with each shot (5 shots, each bullet does 22.5% damage of a normal shot)

  • Black Powder Rounds – Increases velocity and damage, at the cost of heavily reduced stability and increased enemy awareness

  • Subsonic Rounds – Rounds are near silent, granting decreased enemy awareness when firing

  • Tracer Rounds – Hold reload to turn your next shot into a tracer round. This shot will mark an enemy for all allies, granting increased damage from all sources

  • Penta-Solar – Every 5th shot in the magazine deals Solar damage, igniting the enemy and dealing damage over time

  • Penta-Arc – Every 5th shot in the magazine deals Arc damage, chaining Arc damage to nearby enemies

  • Penta-Void – Every 5th shot in the magazine deals Void damage, causing temporary suppression

  • Penta-Stasis – Every 5th shot in the magazine deals Stasis damage, temporarily slowing enemies

  • Hand-Loaded Rounds – Rounds have been custom-loaded by hand, granting increased accuracy and rate of fire

  • Tactical Light – ADS with this weapon illuminates your surroundings and your targets, causing temporary suppression to non-guardian combatants

  • Twin Barrels – This weapon fires two rounds at once. Reduced ammunition in reserve

  • Topped Off – Reloading the magazine before firing more than 20% of your magazine grants a period of increased stability and rate of fire

  • Hail Mary – Rounds do more damage the further away the enemy is

  • Traveler’s Protection – This weapon gives a small bump to health and shields when holstered

  • Spiked Muzzle – Increases melee damage when you have this weapon equipped

  • Well-Oiled – This weapon’s handling and reload speed is greatly increased, at the cost of heavily reduced stability

  • Variable Action – Hold reload to change this weapon’s archetype, completely altering its stats. Take increased damage while changing.

  • Full Send – This weapon fires the entire magazine in an extremely short amount of time. Can only hold one magazine in reserve

  • The Bitter End – This weapon cannot be manually reloaded. Bottom 1/4th of the magazine deals increased damage and damage over time

  • No Sights – Cannot ADS with this weapon. Precision damage is increased

  • Tactical Reload – Grants an opportunity for a precision reload (think Battlefront). Grants increased damage for a short time when successful.

  • Sleight of Hand – Grants an opportunity for a precision reload. Grants a larger capacity magazine when successful

  • Carom – Shots that ricochet off a flat surface have an increased chance to strike nearby enemies, even around cover. Cannot do precision damage off of a ricochet.

  • Bullet Time – Bullets travel slowly through the air (about half the speed of a fusion rifle). Increased damage upon impact

  • Shoot the Moon – Defeating an enemy with no precision damage causes increased damage for a short period of time

  • The Professional – Each precision hit before reloading will overfill the next magazine by that amount, up to double the capacity. This ammo does not come from reserves

  • Flow (semi auto) – Shots fired from this weapon in perfect rhythm grant increased damage and stability, up to 5x

  • Betrayal – Shots to the back of the enemy do extra damage

  • Ambush – The longer you ADS before firing, the first shot of your magazine will do extra damage and have greater target acquisition

  • Pull! – Targets in air take more damage

  • HVT – Continuously damaging one enemy when 4 or more others are around deals increased damage

  • Last Resort – Last magazine never runs out (still have to reload), but deals decreased damage (about 1/3 of normal)

  • Boomerang – Rounds shot at enemies further down range have a chance to come back and damage targets in between

  • Elective Explosives – Holding reload will load your magazine with explosive rounds, at half the normal magazine capacity

  • Ahamkara’s Breath (shotgun, smg, auto rifle, full auto sidearms) – Holding reload will load your next magazine with a short-range burst of elemental damage based on your currently equipped subclass)

  • Saladin’s Protection (iron banner weapons) – Holding reload will position this gun in a defensive position for a short time, reducing all incoming damage at the cost of ammo in the magazine and movement speed (Think if it like guarding with your sword, but with your gun)

  • Helico Blade (swords) – Activating this weapons heavy attack in midair grants a burst of upward momentum (basically a jump equivalent to the hunter midair jump)

  • Merciful Rounds (pulse only) – Rounds from a burst that miss will be shot with the next burst, up to four extra shots

  • On the Run – If full magazine is shot without ADS, incredibly fast reload (almost instant)

  • Show off – Precision mid air damage is drastically increased

  • Vampiric – Kills while you have no shields will grant a small increase to your next shield recharge. More powerful enemies grant increased shields.

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