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I can’t be the only one that feels like Bungie’s struggling to develop this game on their own, right?

destiny2 7 - I can't be the only one that feels like Bungie's struggling to develop this game on their own, right?

It's been quite a while since the split from Activision. And now that we're far into it – let's talk about it.

Lately, things have seemed to really be about compromise between the devs and the playerbase. Removing content and old gear in order to make things easier on the dev team is… quite the compromise, and while I understand that it's necessary for the current dev team, I think it spells out a bigger issue.

Ever since the split from Activision and the loss of Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios I've felt like they just don't have the manpower to develop this game and reach its full potential. The lack of new seasonal content and the fact that we haven't had a real vendor refresh since Forsaken is concerning, and they're really showing that they're scraping the bottom of the barrel when they call one new armor set with different colours across 3 vendors an "armor refresh". Weapon sets have slowly been dwindling (the Europa set doesn't have a hand cannon, an SMG, a sniper, among other things…), and the seasonal content continually gets stale for many players.

There are constant issues with the game that seemingly never get fixed and never change. Even this subreddit has a whole list of additions we'd like to see in the game, as largely-backed community requests, which rarely seem to impact the overall game. This game is bigger than Bungie, on their own, currently has the ability to handle.

While I want to say that the blame is partly on the community's expectations for the game, I also can't make that point without stating that Bungie set expectations over multiple years for how their game will look. Shadowkeep didn't meet those expectations, and the seasonal content over the year mostly didn't either. Beyond Light looks like a step in the right direction (we got a new location, for example) but the seasonal content is still lacking (although it could definitely improve over the season, so this season's content isn't the most solid point).


It's pretty well known that this game's back-end is not held together well. The development pipeline has been quite rough for Bungie, especially since this game wasn't supposed to last more than a couple of years before Destiny 3 launched. The massive structural changes of losing a publisher and completely changing course for the direction of the game are sucking not only enjoyment out of the game, but also money from people's wallets. This game has gotten quite expensive to play continually each year, more so than it used to be, despite older expansions having more content on paper. Bungie, if you need to take time to make development easier on the team, take it. Y'all already have been with certain changes like the DCV, mission -> physics host change, among other things. But understand that past a certain point, compromise sucks fun out of this game.

This game will always be "good" and not "great" unless something changes. Bungie needs more people developing this game. And it's not as easy as that – that costs a LOT of money. That's not to say they wouldn't see that money back if the game's overall quality improved, though – keep that in mind. I'm hoping to see some serious structural changes that can support the future of the game better, personally.

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