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I don’t know how my fellow Warlocks will feel about this, but here is my request for Warlock Armor

destiny2 3 - I don't know how my fellow Warlocks will feel about this, but here is my request for Warlock Armor

Disclaimer: I'm generalizing here. Broad strokes to concisely make a point. I've played since Day 1 on Destiny 1. I understand the nuance that is not spelled out in this post.

Disclaimer #2: I am not saying all armor should change to look one way. I am saying there has been a shift away from a style of armor that was more prevalent in D1, and I would like that style to come back.

In D1, there were two major themes for Warlock Armor:
0gUGIPE - I don't know how my fellow Warlocks will feel about this, but here is my request for Warlock Armor

Space Pirate and
O3PG2Jx - I don't know how my fellow Warlocks will feel about this, but here is my request for Warlock ArmorSpace Fantasy.

Space Pirate, to me, was always the cooler type of armor. It made you look kinda like

In D1, whenever I went to the Tower, I would wear Cuirass of the Hezen Lords, just because to me it was the pinnacle of dope sci-fi space pirate attire. (It killed me that I couldn't wear it during gameplay, but that is an entirely different post.)

Then, the design of the Warlock D2 armor (for marketing purposes) came out, and I was worried Warlock armor was heading in a different direction… and sadly my fears came true.

In Destiny 1, the space pirate look probably made up 30-40% of the armor in the game. Most endgame content went more the fantasy route, which always bummed me out, but at least I had something dope to wear in the Tower.

But in D2, the space pirate look has probably been taken down to 5-10% of the armor in the game. And honestly, the pieces that do exist in the game look worse than what you could get in D1. The helmets have all been changed and look way worse — Warlock helmets in D1 were sick! Warlocks don't look masculine at all anymore — like, my D1 character had broad shoulders! What happened to looking like a bad ass?!

And a couple months into playing D2, I saw a Warlock running around the Tower in this armor. When I saw that, I think I stopped playing for a few weeks, because I realized that whoever took over the look of Warlocks had gone off the deep end — not trying to be mean, but if my character looks lame, I do not enjoy the game as much.


In D2 there also has been this emergence of mad scientist-themed armor, which is also not for me, and has probably contributed to the type of armor I like being reduced to only a couple pieces.

Anyway, long-story short, I would like Warlocks to have more space-pirate-esque options. That's all. Less robes. There's so many options for robes! Bring back trench-coats. Make Warlocks look dope again.

UPDATE: Wow, this took off. I honestly thought I would receive a lot more blow back from the community, but Bungie, clearly there is something here! Please notice this! <3

Still some people saying that they like the fantasy stuff, over the grungy, edgy, old school sci-fi stuff that I am trying to allude to in this post. That's fine, but not the point I was making. Again, I am just saying that D1 had more of (what I call) "space-pirate-style", and D2 desperately needs more of that. PowerPilgrim below called it the "70s sci-fi vibe", and I think that is another great way to describe it.

By the way, some people below are calling out how there are certain D2 Warlock armor chest pieces that have the look of what I am talking about. The funny thing is that the pieces they are calling out are copies of D1 pieces, but with weaker shoulders (Tangled Web, Prodigal, etc.), which kinda makes my point.

People are also clearly very avid about the fact that Warlock's shoulders (pauldrons) looked way cooler in Destiny 1 because the shoulders were a part of the arm armor pieces. I think that is a great point. And I also agree that Bonds as a class item, especially in D2, are weak.

People arguing with that "space pirate" is not the right term… Ha! Okay, y'all. Call it whatever you want. Just look at the pics to see what I am talking about. That's what matters.

Anyway, glad to see we have a good portion of the community that is aligned on this. See y'all space-side.

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