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I finally solo’d Shattered Throne! After more than 200 failed attempts. This is my story, my triumph, my little light in some very dark times.

destiny2 6 - I finally solo'd Shattered Throne! After more than 200 failed attempts. This is my story, my triumph, my little light in some very dark times.

This was definitely my proudest achievement in Destiny.

So here's some storytime for those willing to read and in need of some motivation.

As a mostly solo player (after my clan dispersed), i haven't raided or done any truly endgame content since vanilla D2. I've continued playing mostly because of my love for the lore, characters and world. Well and i love the way the game feels as a whole.

But I always felt like this kept me from seeing myself as actually good at the game. So I decided to prove that I am more than just some guy that tries to play whenever he gets some free time.

I tried it a few months ago only to be crushed miserably at Vorgeth. It broke my spirit and gave up.

But last week after much personal turmoil in my life. And being at a very low point. I decided to return to it, to prove once again that I am more than that. I too could become Legend. So I set out again.

I was missing basically all raid weapons, and most pinnacle/ritual weapons, missing any really potent mods (even most basic enhanced ones), nothing really outside the 1 falling guillotine you get from the free pass (sadly couldn't afford the pass this season). Being overlevelled definitely helped a bit, but i was last time as well, but i refused to be stopped. I made it to Vorgeth, after a few attempts i could finally make it there without dying.

And then it happened again, I got stuck. I wanted to pull my hair out. Was this just it, was i incapable of being anything more. I tried and i tried for hours (longer than i usually play in any sitting) I still failed. Went to bed disappointed. Couldn't sleep. I woke up early (I've been on unpaid leave for a month, due to some health and stress issues). And suddenly it started clicking like a dance, I finally managed to complete a damage phase without dying. My heart was pounding louder than normal. I tried to calm my emotions, because i am prone to panicking and anxiety. But even though everything was a bit overwhelming, there was a calm in my mind, so I pressed on. 2nd phase. 3rd phase. It wasn't fast or impressive, but it was working. Then the 4th damage phase came, my heart froze as I shot him from a distance with wavesplitter, not daring to get close enough to use my sword since it always led to death. And it happened, I slayed Vorgeth.

I was elated. Overjoyed. And filled with confidence. But my fight was not over.

I made it passed the next segments with relative ease, some minor deaths due to not being familiar with what came next.

And the I finally arrived at Dul Incaru. I had heard of the encouter, and had watched on video from Datto so i could understand the mechanics of the fight.

And then it happened again. The wall. It hit it at full speed, and just couldn'r get passed. I was getting overrun. I wasn't accurate enough. Not fast enough. Not good enough. I took a break and returned later that night, to no greater effect, tried different set ups, looked for advice. Nothing worked. Again I went to bed defeated. Again no luck really sleeping. I wake up Tuesday and promise myself to finish before reset. But again nothing works.


Panic sets in. Despair. Is this what my life is. Just constantly struggling to inch forward only to be slammed down by the next obstacle, never truly making it to the finish line. I felt broken.

I know it's just a game. But for me this was more than that. It was to prove to myself that I still had more left in me.

I took a short break. Now with only an our left to spare. I ready myself. Mentally preparing myself for failure and disappointment.

But there it was again. That sudden calm. I started my run off badly, but i kept going on. Using nothing more than the Pyramidion Nightfall Sniper (I am a terrible shot, but i just needed something that didn't tickle the bosses, and could destroy the crystal), Riskrunner (for the damage resistance, I unlocked the catalyst a few hours earlier) and a Zenobia-D launcher (which was a memento from when my friends still played, which i used simply cause it tracked and i had given up all hope). And then it happened again. Several cycles, having to kill the Knights twice. And losts of waves of psions cause I didn't really have the best ammo mods, so I tried my best to farm. Half way through I received the prompt that reset had just happened, so this truly was my final chance. My heart ached. My breathing halted. My hand sweaty. But for some reason my hope still burned..

And then..

She fell, in the same place as when I entered. Finally falling after the last shot from what remains of my memories with my clan, a weapon i had refused to delete even though I never use it.

I threw my controller to the side (because ofcourse I play on a PS4, which my friends helped get me). I couldn't help the few tears that came with this victory. It was hard fought. It was long.

But I knew. If I at least kept trying, I could do it. Not following the beaten path or any walkthrough, but by forging my own way. My own path to my Destiny.

To say this victory meant more to me than anyone can imagine. May seem silly. And I wasn't sure whether or not to share my experience. But I hope in a way this little post, helps someone, gives them hope. Be it in the Dungeon, in the Game. Or just in Life. You can do it, in your own unique way.

Thank you to those who took their time to read all of this, I hope it brightened your day a bit.

And for those who didn't:


I finished the Dungeon, it was hard, it was amazing. I loved it, i love the game, and i love all of you too.

Eyes up Guardians –

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