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I finished the last of the catalysts this week. I’m finally done (for now). It’s time to hand out the Catalyst Yearbook Awards.

destiny2 10 - I finished the last of the catalysts this week. I'm finally done (for now). It's time to hand out the Catalyst Yearbook Awards.

Every single one of them, both collected and completed. In light of this, I've decided to give some of the standouts high school yearbook awards.

Biggest Flirt Symmetry takes this one. It's a catalyst that you thought you wanted, until you realized that it doesn't actually matter in PVE or PVP. Ever since you figured that out, it's sat in your collections, winking desperately at you every time you pull your Riskrunner from Collections to solo another dungeon.

Class Clown Skyburner's Oath, duh. More range? On a scout rifle? That already has a tracking projectile? That's funny shit!

Most Changed Oh man, this one definitely goes to Trinity Ghoul. Kudos to Bungie for getting this one right.

Life of the Party Rat King. So many parties necessary to finish this one. Runner ups include Sweet Business (who is a solid invite for any party), and Hard Light (who's a little more into the rave scene than you, but you appreciate their willingness to tone that shit down recently).

Best Laugh There aren't really very many to choose from here, but between Graviton Lance and Wardcliff Coil, I'd say Wardcliff has the better laugh.

Best bromance Sturm and Drang. Duh.

Best Dancer Nobody tangles with tangos quite like the Fighting Lion. It's a dance to the death, especially if the grenade bounces back at you… again.

Most likely to be late for class MIDA Multi-Tool. Virtually impossible to get your hands on until it was three miles south of the meta. Earns an extra commendation for being difficult even after arrival and requiring headshot kills in Crucible.

Most likely not to change at all Huckleberry. Insert "I'm perfect and have never done anything wrong" meme here, because I know it and still love her.


Most opinionated This one goes to the Sleeper Simulant, which over the years has both cleaved and divided guardian populations. Plus you get it out of Spire of Stars, which is equally divisive.

Most Accident-Prone Hi, Wardcliff Coil. Better tracking or not, I still kill myself way too often with this thing.

Most likely to become a motivational speaker Whisper of the Worm. Y O U S H A L L D R I F T can be motivational in some circumstances, as many of us have learned.

Most likely to save the planet Lumina's catalyst is all about saving our world, yo.

Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket The Fourth Horseman. You only thought you destroyed half of that boss's health in one volley… just wait til the servers forget.

Most likely to quietly take over the world Tractor Cannon. It's not sexy, but it is imminently useful.

Most likely to visit Mars Polaris Lance, duh.

Most likely to leave and never come back The catalyst sources for Acrius, Telesto, Sleeper Simulant, Whisper of the Worm, Worldline Zero, Skyburner's Oath, Polaris Lance, and Bad Juju are all leaving the game in September, but my money is on Worldline Zero. If Bungie devs had their way, Telesto's catalyst would never return–but let's be honest, we all know Bungie devs never have their way when it comes to Telesto.

Best all-around This one goes to Riskrunner. Riskrunner carried me to Blacksmith and through most of the Dreaming City solo content and continues to be relevant today in the Prophecy dungeon. You could argue that Whisper of the Worm deserves this spot, but since this is my list, I'm choosing my favorite.

Final Thoughts

Thunderlord catalyst when?

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