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I got Anarchy…and I feel horrible.

destiny2 8 - I got Anarchy...and I feel horrible.

I’ve been hoping to learn the boss encounter for the SOTP raid for some time now but the planets never aligned until today. Working full time, husband, father, definition of a “solo player”. Time for raids is very rare for me and therefore Anarchy was one that I had written down on the “something that will drop a few seasons down the road” list, right alongside Divinity.

Having some time today, I hopped onto the D2 app and found a group looking for another to run the boss encounter. I messaged, explained that I’d like to learn, and this awesome fireteam graciously let me join up. Explanations ensued, questions were asked. I had watched Khakis’ video (the one explaining the encounter) several times, but you and I both know those vids only reveal so much. These guys were really cool about it though and walked me through it.

The first couple times were rough. I had no idea where the ads were spawning, the snipers, what dangers to watch out for, the freaking crit spots on the boss that could be so elusive, not to mention “CAP” and getting that crap figured out! There really is a lot to the encounter and these guys had it down. REALLY had it down. Great communication and call-outs. I could tell they all had run the encounter several times prior to this. I’m sure “several” is a huge understatement. They were all after Anarchy which explains why they each switched through their characters before we actually started, establishing the boss checkpoint three times – for three attempts this week.


Well, our fourth attempt was a success. Great DPS – two phased – Whisper of the Worm is great for this. Hadn’t used it since it got nerfed. I was using Xenophage but apparently there is a bug with it right now in this particular encounter.

There was so much hope in everyone’s tone as we jumped down the hole to the chest and then BAM! Anarchy shows up as one my drops. No one else. Just me. Everyone saw it in the feed and then I heard one say, “And now to go kill myself.” Hyperbole yes, but the pain was real. I felt awful. They were all so disappointed.

I kindly thanked them for their patience in teaching me this first time; thanks for their help with everything. Then we parted ways.

RNG is a painful, painful aspect of gaming, but especially painful in Destiny. If I could share loot with these other guardians, I would ask who had the most attempts so far and transfer the gun to them. How fair is it that I got it in one attempt and these others fellas left empty handed….again?

Anyway, I simply wanted to say thanks to the team that helped me with this. I sincerely hope that it ends up in your heavy slot soon and that you can step away from SOTP for a while.

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