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I got legend rank in freelance competitive!

destiny2 1 - I got legend rank in freelance competitive!

It’s nice but there aren’t any rewards or anything so there’s like no adrenaline rush at all.

I set a goal this season, like i do every season to reach legend in competitive. Why? Because i enjoy it. There’s not really any reason to it. I love multiplayer, but i can’t handle 6v6 as it goes way to fast for me. And in comp you get those lovely 1v3 situations while standing 3-3 and when you get that win, you feel so accomplished and it’s such a huge adrenaline rush honestly it’s amazing.

I used a hunter with spectral blades for the first half then i switched to WotT shadowshot when i got to mythic. The invisibility from the dodge can be so useful for flanking, hiding or in situations where you have to clutch. I didn’t use any special gear, just what i liked for that fashion game. The weapon i used through this whole play through and the weapon i’ve almost always when going for high glory, is Le Monarque + Oathkeeper. Seriously, this weapon is slept upon. It does as much damage as a body shot sniper (body or head shot) and the poison cloud fucks your enemies up if they don’t have much experience (which they usually don’t).

When you’re hit with le mon your screen gets really purple and people can go into a panic from this. They’ll run away or just need time to process everything so you can get a second hit in. Also, with bows cover is your best friend. Use a shotgun for when enemies get to close, i used dust rock blues with full choke, acc rounds, slide+snap shot with a stability mw (useless mw).


Don’t go rushing with that shotgun because it’s not gonna do you any favors. The most important thing in comp is to not die. Not to get the most kills, or the highest KDA, it is to not die. Stick with your team even if you don’t know them, unless you’re confident in your flank. Le monarque is excellent for flanking because finishing off enemies is very easy.

My biggest piece of advice is, use what you feel most comfortable with. Just because something like mountaintop is meta doesn’t mean you’re gonna be good with it. I tried appealing to the meta but it didn’t sit right. I used my fancy armor and have low stats, idc i like looking good. So what dust rock blues is an outdated shotgun, and my roll is pretty trash? I like it. Also lmg’s still rock(i used hammerhead). If you use what you’re most comfortable with, you will do your best.

Ofcourse some things are still left up to faith. Good teammates for example. I got on top of the scoreboard most of the time but really only if my teammates would work with me. I can’t do it alone.

I don’t know if this is a big achievement, i feel like it is. If u ever wanna play with me or if u wanna know if it was me who was that annoying bow girl you were playing against, hmu on ps4. PSN: onlykeukenrol

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