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I have absolutely no ambition to go grind for a god roll anymore

destiny2 8 - I have absolutely no ambition to go grind for a god roll anymore

I don't enjoy complaining on DTG but this is something I feel is important to get out there. I was 100% for sunsetting until this season started and I realized that I have no ambition to grind for the "god roll" anymore because I know that eventually I won't be able to use it in the content I want to. Sunsetting does not respect players time incentive at all and I have realized that now. So if sunsetting does roll out into the live game I will simply just get an "okay roll" and not really grind at all. You never needed insane rolls on your gear to do even the highest level content in Destiny and I am guessing that will never change at this point. Even GM nightfalls can be done with average gear as long as you play smart and take the time to learn the strike properly. People went for that gear because they were willing to put the time in for increased efficiency. The time to get a good roll for a high end activity will result in you actually being more efficient just going in with average gear anyway because by the time you get that good roll it will probably be sunsetting time again for that weapon unless you get lucky. Grinding for good gear in Destiny will literally just be a waste of time. My favorite season in all of Destiny was Dawn primarily because of the dope new perks that came with it. They were not crazy good but they were interesting enough to warrant grinding for them on the new weapons.

I would rather have one of two new perks every season then have sunsetting go through to the live game because at least the core Destiny grind wouldn't be pointless. This would have been the case this season with the new Iron Banner perks but again its just not worth grinding when I could just go into endgame content with an okay roll and get basically the same result.


Edit: I am going to explain what I am talking about a little more detailed with an example because I think some people are not completely understanding what I mean by god roll and that's fine it took me a while to understand this as well. 🙂

Here is an okay rolled Waking Vigil:

  • Fastdraw,
  • Light Mag,
  • Opening Shot,
  • Slideshot,
  • and a Range Masterwork

Now these are my options with how to deal with this roll. I could either:

A.) grind for the god roll > then go into an endgame activity

B.) use this okay roll > then go into an endgame activity

Option A takes longer to get into the endgame activity and because your gain in grinding for said god roll will not be forever option A is simply not worth the time at all. Doesn't matter that I will have this roll for a year because you can still get by with this okay roll just fine.

Option b will get you the same rewards probably even more to be honest because you will be in the endgame activity longer.

And again this is all because endgame content in Destiny does not require good loot at all.

Hope this helps get my point across more clearly. 🙂

Also I know not sunsetting gear doesn't really fix the loot problems in the endgame as well. The way I would fix that is just make pinnacles exotics. This just seems like a better solution then sunsetting to me personally.

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