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I have no one to share this with, but I beat prophecy solo flawless after weeks of practice. I’m so happy!

destiny2 6 - I have no one to share this with, but I beat prophecy solo flawless after weeks of practice. I’m so happy!

Thank you bungie for this incredible piece of content. It’s my favorite thing that you have released. The art and mechanics are amazing. Dungeons in general are incredible

This is my first flawless anything and I really didn’t think I was good enough originally, but I just kept practicing. I ran the dungeon a serious amounts of times, especially kell echo. I opted to jump off the ledge on practice runs to keep doing it. I didn’t have any taken mods (I was hopeful I would get them this week) and I was shaking through the 2nd and 3rd Kell Echo phases… never taking that emblem off.

Edit: Wow you all are awesome. Thank you so much for all of the responses and awards. This is an amazing day! I tried to reply to everyone, but this took off more than I thought it would. I copied and pasted my loadout into a comment for anyone looking.

Edit 2: So many people responded. This is wild, I’m trying to reply to everyone I can. This is my high point of gaming and I really didn’t expect a response like this, I just needed to say something here where I found most of my advice. Thank you all for the congratulations and awards. I’m sharing my tips and gratitude as much as I can.

The main tips I can give are these: put on your favorite music and just start practicing. You will get through it. But as you learn mechanics and make a little progress, take a break and work on getting items that can help you. You may get flawless before you get the items or you may get the items just in time to help you. I got mountaintop this week and it absolutely helped. Every week I focused on trying to unlock something. Hive mods, taken mods (still going to keep farming them), enhanced mods, mountain top, masterworking gear, optimizing my stats, getting better rolls on my existing guns and gear. I didn’t get through all of what I thought I needed, but as I became better at the dungeon it was also becoming just a little easier. Whenever I lost my flawless run, I practiced the spot that I failed over and over. I also made sure to close out my practice runs by completing it, solo. I started sherpaing for more practice and to get people through it. Each thing was progress. After getting the first bosses down perfectly for weeks, I started failing on the phalanx over and over. It felt like moving backwards, but it was actually the turning point I think. That was when I really started to fine tune all of my movements. That run, I just focused on completing it and correcting any little mistakes. That was the last run before I did flawless. And all of my little failures were running through my head. It was just the practice paying off. Stick with it, it can be really frustrating. It absolutely took me longer than most people, but everything will start clicking eventually and you will get through it.

Tips – ——————————————————

1.) leave 1 knight up during the phalanx boss

2.) riskrunner is strong on the first boss, make sure it’s equipped while picking up motes since it procs

3.) Dont face tank the phalanx while using a sword, try to shift away from his shield. Especially on a hunter.

4.) use the big double wall for most of your cover, but keep an eye on knights rushing you.

5.) dont mountaintop a knight that is rushing you

6.) clean up the psions, always. You may think leaving one up may be ok, but they multiply and they hurt. Don’t pick up the 5th motes with psions up, finish them. You can always kill another knight.

8.) Don’t use your super immediately for the phalanx damage phase. Wait a few seconds. For a well lock, you can continue damaging through the shields. And for tether hunter you can also just passively kill anything with a shield on the phalanx if lucky and squeeze some extra damage.

9.) in the cube use xeno and ikelos with global reach mod if you can. Warmind cells are amazing here. You get 1 for taking out one of the psion eye things and it can clear the room. If you don’t have global reach, ive heard risk runner is great here too. Just make sure you have a way to quickly kill the knights and snipers.

10.) without taken mods, 2 sniper shots at once can kill you instantly. For me that happened a few times. As a hunter invis to pick up motes, use them on plate and invis immediately. On lock use a rift on the plate right after depositing.


11.) take advantage of the phases between bosses. Use it for ammo, getting abilities and supers back, and just pulling yourself together for a minute. Having those moments means you can use your super to save yourself.

12.) as soon as you get in a new room for cube, find toland run to that plate and find the snipers and immediately xeno. They usually have line of sight on that plate, but sometimes one is right over it.

13.) dont get greedy on the carpet road. It’s easy to get yourself killed here by just being over confident. I found the best path was to take the carpet around the first pyramid and go into the one where all three carpets converge. Up to that point the drive is easy. There is a knight at the entrance of this one and it’s good to snipe it. You can use it to take the platforms the full way.

14.) Kell Echo is hard, because one of the main mechanics is controlling chaos. I wouldn’t be afraid of going all out to get the room under controlling. You can prep anarchy shots for the first two knight spawns and stand in the light or dark that you need.

15.) I highly recommend always clearing the back right corner, on the right when you enter, every time. It’s the best defended and it usually has light and dark on it already. Then get the top one. That combination always felt safest.

16.) For the damage phase, passively damaging the boss is ideal. Anarchy if you have it, witherhoard if not. You really want to only damage the boss a little bit on the first plate and then just tag the boss whenever you have a moment, but you don’t get many. Your main damage phase will be after you kill the last two snipers.

17.) Snipers are priority here. They are lethal. I had 2 shoot me at the end on one of my closest flawless attempts. One shot. You need to stay on top of them. Learn where the boss spawns and where the snipers spawn and create a path, which doesn’t use the boss’ plates and try to land on the snipers just as they spawn. You can go to the end where the last two spawn, a moment after they spawn and never get dark entropy high enough to be an issue. Once you have those snipers cleared, start damaging him. For me he was three teleports from his final spot.

18.) wait to re-enter the add phase. Get your super. This is the most peaceful downtime, no adds.. but also the most stressful. Plan out how you will handle each room you may go in.

19.)the add rooms after the first one, were the hardest parts for me. Some of them are tougher than others. But they aren’t impossible. There is some cover, but you don’t get much time to use it. I think you should use your super here right away. Do whatever you can to get a plate clear to get the room under control. I tried to use my super each time on my flawless run (tether), but I used it a little too early and it disappeared the moment the adds spawned.

20.) don’t underestimate hive mods. They are very useful here, they are easier to get (heroic menagerie), and while they won’t proc from snipers and psions, they will protect you from knights. But the big one is that hive invigoration + knights dropping motes means you will have your class ability every time you are depositing. Incredible for hunters with sixth coyote and for warlock rifts.

21.) Practice is the most important thing. For some of us, it takes a lot.

I know this was a really long edit and probably not written very well, but a bunch of people asked for tips and I wanted to share something before I went to sleep. I’ll try to neaten it up later. My build and more tips are also in the comments. Good luck, I hope you all get it and congrats to everyone that has already.

Again, amazing job Bungie. This is why I love destiny. It was a challenge and it brought every part of the game together for me. (You really got me with that incredible trailer. It all started with me wanting to see that cool room before the carpet road.) I had a blast and I can’t wait for beyond light.

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