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I just flawless’d Prophecy Dungeon thanks to…

destiny2 7 - I just flawless'd Prophecy Dungeon thanks to...

…a lot of reddit post. Since I got a lot of tips from a lot of reddit post, I will share several of my tips too!

Loadout for all encounter:

  • Accrued Redemption (with rangefinder and moving target, yes it is a bow),
  • Truthteller (FF+Demolitionist), and
  • Anarchy + Xenophage (for cube encounter), running bottom tree hunter with sixth coyote.

First and for all, safety is number one priority.

For the cave and first encounter, take it slow and always keep your invis available. For the boss round clear the adds asap. Take your time when killing knights cuz the adds will respawn slowly. Take it easy, and save your ults for goblin because this is actually your biggest threat. It can stop you from dealing damage and pretty much ruin your dps. With witherhoard you can just shot the knights and run around and it will kill the knight slowly. I've tried fusions rifle too and it works great! Unloaded question can 2 shot the knights.

For wasteland, Snipe the snipers first then kill the blight. With Anarchy you can just put one grenades on the bottom of the blight and melee the blight once. The anarchy will damage the blight and you can run around. For cube encounter, clear the adds first! Throw grenades and grenades launcher to clear out the adds. Shot the snipers with xenophage and 3-tap knights. You don't need to stay on the lifting ground! You just need to touch the platform and run and it will lift you to the next room. Save ur ults for boss round.

Third encounter, I personally don't like using sparrow cuz I died too much while using it. So I just run around till the bottom of the room. Use your bow to kill all the snipers, it will 1 tap them.

Final encounter, the boss encounter. This is where most of reddit posts help me, and it works! They always told me to chill out and kill the adds first. Using your grenades launcher and grenades to clear the adds. Unloaded question can clear adds that just spawned with reservoir burst. The point is clear adds, kill knight, kill ogres, repeat. When you're on boss room, the 1st platform is a big dps phase for you. When chasing, just put 2 anarchy rounds on the boss and snipe the snipers using bow. Snipers is your number one priority and u should kill them as fast as possible. The last platform is your another big dps phase, use ults and all special ammo on the boss.


Another tips that I found and probably useful for your runs:

  • If you don't have mountaintop (like me), you can use fusion rifle to replace that. Unloaded question works great here and can deal a lot of damage. But still, mountaintop is a better choice and you should use it if you have it.
  • The room that has gap in the middle spawns adds faster than usual. Remember this room for safety purposes.
  • You can use trinity ghoul with catalyst and swords for adds room and changing loadout when going to the boss room. You can pretty much farm the adds and refill your ammo since there is no time limit each room. I've tried this method and it works great. The reason I don't use this loadout is because it takes a lot of time and when you use method this at 3rd or more phase, the taken armaments will be bugged out and you need to use another armor that has the mods to fix the bug (For example if you have mods on body and it's bugged, equip another body and equip another piece that has the armaments mods. Get the ammo and change your loadout again when you're done)
  • Learn every spot where the adds will be spawned. I've run cube encounter like 20+ times and boss encounter 20+ times before attempting to solo this dungeon. This will help you a lot in your run especially knowing where the boss will teleport enable you to keep throwing anarchy grenades on him.
  • Don't ever give up! I've failed so many times but reddit help me a lot and finally finish the run.

If you have a question, feel free to drop your question below and I will answer as fast as I can. Thank you!

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