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I just want unlockable basic cosmetics as any kind of a reward.

destiny2 6 - I just want unlockable basic cosmetics as any kind of a reward.

I really really want to wear that wildwood cloak as a cosmetic without losing stats or mod slots. I'll just start of by telling that I am not a destiny veteran, or I am not a player who spent good hours into the game. I'm fairly new, I started with the f2p update.

I don't usually play a game's endgame with the mission to get the best stats on your guns or, increase your total damage to be the best in the game's current meta. I just try to look better as I get more into my own endgame. I like basic looks. The wildwood cloak I dropped in the EDZ mesmerized me when I first saw it. I've been improving that cloak since I found it. But I am missing a lot of resources and slots just because I like the look of it.

I won't continue by asking make all armor drops on your collection usable as vanity, I want something to be added, I'll call it from now on as the "Collection Key".

The Collection Key will be used to improve one slot of item in your collection. For armor parts, it'll enable you to acquire it as vanity. For guns let's say it'll enable the nonreacquireable random roll gun's rolls to turn into the one you currently have equipped, and make them reacquirable like the other nonrolled guns. I haven't been in the game's current gun meta so I'll keep the gun part short. I want to give out my current idea for this "Key". For example, using it on the wildwood cloak would use the key and make it acquireable as vanity by using materials to get it, like the shaders.

So what will this key bring to the game and how can I acquire it?


It can be added as a reward in the new content. Make it rare, so in the event you won't have to give out forced new exotics to replace a gun, or nerf another to force people to use the new ones. And the rewardtable can be filled with less forced content, giving room to breathe in for the next guns so they can be better.

Or make it bought with any of the currencies that are not premium and not only acquireable by paying real money. Make it a new vendor that pops in every week? And make it a not too expensive but not easy to acquire item. Plus, ALSO add it to the eververse as the armor only "Armor Collection Key", so it's only for cosmetic.

As I said before, I'm not extremely experienced with the game to drop out new suggestions. But there's currently no way to equip old and basic armor as vanity without sacrificing stats or mod slots. You can't even purchase it with any kind of currency. And I really really want to equip that wildwood cloak.

Please, instead of directly downvoting my post, directly criticize it. The Collection Key im talking about could increase the endgame content a lot just by enabling old collection content to be actually used. Thanks for taking a look on my view for old basic gear. I hope I actually did manage to tell what I was trying to say about my opinion, and hope you like it. Please add your takes on it if you like it.

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