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I know this isn’t a priority, but can we talk about gambit?

destiny2 2 - I know this isn't a priority, but can we talk about gambit?

Ever since season of the drifter, gambit has seen very little changes at all. It's almost as if they thought "this is good enough" and stuffed it on the backburner. Being a reckoner, I have sunk many hours into this gamemode only to have the same issues arise each time I play. While Prime made many improvements to gambit in general, a lot of things contribute to why many people hate it. These problems include:

  1. Heavy weapons in general. It's unfair for an invader to have heavy and only one teammate to have heavy to counter them at the beginning. This only compounds when one team gets more heavy due to RNG, making invading less skill-based and more affected by RNG. And don't even get me started on specifics weapons like Xeno and Truth. These in general are not healthy for gambit. In my opinion, heavy should be locked while playing gambit, but if it is going to stay there needs to be some major rebalances. Oh, and don't forget scavenger mods are a thing.
  2. With armor sunsetting coming, Prime armor needs to be exempt. In a power based gamemode, if these armors are sunset they will lose their purpose. Considering they were created specifically for gambit prime, it would be a shame to not be able to use them effectively.
  3. Oh boy, this is a gonna be a long section. Invading needs to be toned down, specifically during the mote gathering part. It is extremely easy to snowball the whole match just by winning the first invasion. During the first "invasion phase" one team usually is able to send 2-3 blockers to the other side. Then their invader jumps in the portal. At this point, the opposing team is now usually sandwiched between the blockers and the invader since they need to be in the center of the map to deposit the motes they are still carrying. Chaos then ensues as they cannot fight the invader without the blockers shooting them, and they cant shoot the blockers without the invader shooting them. They then lose the majority of their motes if not all of them. Meanwhile, the invading team has been collecting more motes to deposit, meaning the other team then has even more blockers to worry about, plus another invasion (usually happens right after the invader leaves). Chaining continuous invasions and blockers will cause this team to fall into a state where they cannot collect motes (usually can't even get out of spawn) without getting decimated by both the blockers and invaders. To stop this, either the first invasion needs to happen later, and/or follow-up invasions need to be slower. By increasing the number of motes needed for first invasion, the "blocker wave" that is sent will be eliminated, reducing the amount of danger when the invader comes in. By increasing the time between invasions, the snowball cannot occur (happens because of back-to-back invasions). The more important of the two is increasing the time between two invasions.
  4. Blockers need to get either toned down with their abilities, or they need to be swapped out. Specifically, this means the captain and knight teleports. They should not be able to teleport 5 times in a row, evading every shot you take. This not only extends the fight to kill the blockers, but also is aggravating, considering you lose ammo in the process. Sometimes killing a blocker a few seconds faster can make a difference in whether you can deposit or not, and a teleporting blocker should not influence it to this degree. Not to mention when they do teleport, they can instantly move 20m back, then teleport behind you and blast you to death. THIS IS NOT FUN.

I hope some changes can be made down the line, even if it isn't soon. Gambit prime armor specifically needs to be addressed soon considering the sunsetting of armor, but the rest can wait a bit. I hope gambit doesn't get left in the dust, as it is still a core activity of the game. Additionally, solving these problems will make the gamemode more bearable for the casual player. I only hope gambit will evolve into a fun gamemode many people love.

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