Destiny 2

I logged every bright engram reward I got in Season of The Hunt and if it was a dupe.

destiny2 1 - I logged every bright engram reward I got in Season of The Hunt and if it was a dupe.

Season Of The Hunt Bright Engrams:

  1. Pitfall Souter E5D (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  2. Sick (Blue Emote) (Needed)
  3. Treasure Map (Blue Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  4. Heraldic Shell (Legend Ghost) (Needed)
  5. Directoria Sagitta (Legend Sparrow) (Needed)
  6. Neverfall (Legend Ship) (Needed)
  7. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  8. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  9. Thalia's Reach (Liar's Handshake Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  10. Link Up (Legend Emote) (Needed)
  11. Eight Ball Shell (Legend Ghost) (Needed)
  12. Vertical Shell (Legend Ghost) (Needed)
  13. Collect! (Blue Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  14. RJSV 99-40 (Legend Sparrow) (Needed)
  15. Mansanas Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  16. Daring Hat (Legend Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  17. Momentum Occasion (Legend Ship) (Needed)
  18. Cartesian/Ko (Legend Ship) (Needed)
  19. Directed Plea (Blue Emote) (Needed)
  20. Victory Taunt (Blue Emote) (Needed) ** This Dropped At Level 101
  21. Frago Junium (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe) ** This Dropped At Level 106
  22. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  23. Shock Grenadier (Armamentarium Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  24. Endymion Cavalcade (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  25. Hemisphere Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  26. Excited Dance (Legend Emote) (Needed)
  27. Titanium Alloy (Mida Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  28. Lupus Visage (Fighting Lion Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  29. Cardinal One (Legend Ship) (Needed)
  30. High Line (Legend Ship) (Needed)
  31. Colossus Helmet (Legend Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  32. Holacanthus (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  33. Vox Imperative (Legend Sparrow) (Needed)
  34. Invade! (Blue Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  35. Lantern (Legend Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  36. Freyja Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  37. Fight! (Blue Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  38. In Fine Omnium Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  39. Arondight (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  40. Spring Showers (Exotic Emote) (Needed)
  41. Jupiter Midnight (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  42. Eos Rapture (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  43. Chrysopelea-s (Exotic Ship) (Needed)
  44. Cosmonaut Galahad (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  45. Lilac Bell Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  46. Cup Of Tea (Exotic Emote) & *I Surrender (Legend Emote) (Needed & *Dupe went to postmaster…weird)
  47. Saint 14 (Legend Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  48. Galloping Knight (Exotic Emote) (Needed)
  49. Roar Defiant (Legend Sparrow) (Needed)
  50. Aeronautics Of China (Legend Ghost Projection) (Needed)
  51. Gossamer Longshot (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  52. Shuffle Dance (Legend Emote) (Needed)
  53. Tachyon-4 (Exotic Ship) (Needed)
  54. Spaded Knife (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  55. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  56. Thanatonaut's Peril (Mask Of The Quiet One Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  57. Odd Dance (Legend Emote) (Needed)
  58. Fenghuang (Phoenix Protocol Exotic Ornament) (Needed)
  59. Overnight Dance (Legend Emote) (Needed)
  60. Jadewyrm XLIV (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  61. Manta Esperanta (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  62. Ophiuchus Shell (Exotic Ghost) (Needed)
  63. Commanding Star Shell (Lengend Ghost) (Dupe)
  64. Precious Metals Shell (Legend Ghost) (Dupe)
  65. Fireteam Fire Up (Exotic Emote) (Needed)
  66. Invasive Species (Exotic Sparrow) (Needed)
  67. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  68. Tip Of The Spear (Exotic Sparrow) (Needed)
  69. Aeon Plume (Legend Sparrow) (Dupe)
  70. Forgotten Vortex (Legend Ship) (Dupe)
  71. Small Gift Of Bright Dust
  72. Dream Streak (Legend Ship) (Dupe)

Eververse items that could have dropped for me that I still need:


23 Dupes, 44 Items I Needed & 6 Small Bright Dust Gifts.

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