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I love Destiny but Sunsetting has created nothing but apathy towards the game for me.

destiny2 10 - I love Destiny but Sunsetting has created nothing but apathy towards the game for me.

Let me preface by saying that I am an adult and can make a decision to not play, which I find myself slowly doing. I'm playing less and less and Destiny is probably my favorite game I have played in recent memory besides PUBG.

Everything just feels so transient. I'm actually ok with weapon Sunsetting to some degree, at least I think guns like Recluse need to go. But the fact that my trusty Austringer or Edgewise or a bunch of others that have seen me through a lot of D2 are going doesn't feel great. I remember getting my Outlast, it was my first real "god roll" and I remember relaying it's perks to my buddy and taking it into the Crucible and being blown away at how good it felt. But that's going away too. And maybe I can get it again, but without the 800 Crucible kills on it and the memory of getting the drop, thinking it sucked because I was a newb, and my buddy going, "you really don't like that roll? You're nuts."

The icing for me is that I just can't wrap my head around armor Sunsetting. Between the convoluted mod system and the expensiveness of upgrading gear, it just feels like getting attached to the memories of a hotel room, it feels as though I'm borrowing from the game and nothing is actually mine. I've gotten some pretty sweet rolls on some new guns and to be fair this season the drops are fast and easy, but I dismantled my masterworked IB set from around the Shadowkeep release. It was my first ever high stay roll, with a spread I wanted, and I remember actually getting that chest piece and being so stoked. It actually carried me all the way to last IB where I received a slightly better piece for my build now that I had Powerful Friends. It was really depressing to be totally fair, it's only pixels in a game but I had a huge sentimental value attached to that piece and would have kept it for a different build but it just won't be useful next season.


I also remember watching Esoterickk solo a nightmare Hunt and I was loved his primary, looked it up, and farmed amthat exact roll Austringer for weeks until I had it and to this day, it is my favorite gun, I have completed every raid with it (some encounters against my better judgement) and have done all pinnacle content with that gun in my hands. As of last season I vaulted it, before I knew of Sunsetting, to explore other guns, and while I missed it I took comfort in knowing I could pull it out at any time. And if Sunsetting wasn't a thing, my tradition is the first run of any new content, I bring my Austringer. Ive tried to find a replacement but none can top the actual sentimental value of the gun, even if my Dire Promises is probably comparable, if not better. Plus with the new Pulse Rifle mod I kind of moved away from handcannons for now anyway.

I've spent a lot of time looking for armor for my Hunter and Warlock, and I was so thrilled to get armor that I wanted, with the rolls I wanted. And I'm still searching for one more perfect piece, but it doesn't really matter.

Plus the fact that our light cap gets increased every season, it just feels like I am really not progressing the game.

I know this is a pretty common sentiment and I just wanted to rant but God damn, it makes me really sad that I am finding it less and less worth it to log on every day.

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