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I really wish Shiro-4 had been the Cosmodrome and Beyond Light Vendor, instead of Shaw Han.

destiny2 1 - I really wish Shiro-4 had been the Cosmodrome and Beyond Light Vendor, instead of Shaw Han.

I was playing through the Nightfall earlier and it finally hit my why I dislike Shaw Han as much as I do: he feels like a Destiny 2 Base Game character in the worst possible way. As if he exists purely to relay exposition about the destination, and give away bounties, without adding nearly anything to the game.

In some aspects, he's actually worse than D2Y1 vendors, because at least they had something interesting about them most of the time. Asher had the Vex Virus, Failsafe is a ship A.I, Devrim is British (lol). He's even worse next to most Modern Vendors who positively ooze interesting lore, history and character like The Spider, Variks, Eris, Petra.

What does Shaw Han have? Two dead fireteam members and a stick up his butt about Guardians on Europa. He adds… nothing interesting -not to the lore, world, history nor character dynamics- and sticks out like a sore thumb next to Beyond Light's storied and layered characters that were added at the same time.

I understand that a fresh character is good to introduce new players to the world of Destiny without overwhelming them, but why not somebody who could seem like that to new players, but have some relevance to old players too;

Why not have Shiro-4?

We haven't seen the man since Rise of Iron, not once in D2 might I add. And it doesn't seem like he's up to much in the lore, certainly not in the running for Hunter Vanguard either, I'd say. There's loads of reasons why Shiro-4 would've been a better Cosmodrome/New Light vendor, and here's why:


•An Exo is a much better introduction to how fantastical the Destiny Universe is, but it wouldn't throw off players since they'd have seen Exos in the character creation screen not long before meeting him

•He has two great excuses to be in the Cosmodrome: overseeing the quarantine of the plaguelands, which leads into avoiding being picked for Hunter Vanguard because he's got said important job in the Cosmodrome

•Previous point is also a good explanation as to why we can't go to the plaguelands right now, could even have a line about it for veteran RoI players from Shiro

•He can stand in and be a part of pretty much any scene Shaw Han is in, as Shaw Han is such a blank canvas that anyone could. Shiro, however, could add some much needed intrest and appreciation that, in my experience, Shaw Han seems to lack from the veteran community. He could do this easily with lines of dialogue here and there about stuff only Veteran players would get, but just having them play said players.

•He's not too complex for new players to understand and get attached too, and any lore about him and what he's up to could be tied to lore tabs on gear

•Lastly, he'd be more in line with Modern D2 vendors, and would make the Cosmodrome feel at home a lot more within D2, because of his history.

Wow, this turned out a lot longer than I thought. Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you like Shaw Han? Do you miss Shiro-4, and if so, how would you want to see him return?

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