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I still can’t think of a single valid justification for multiple infusion caps for identical/reintroduced gear

destiny2 7 - I still can't think of a single valid justification for multiple infusion caps for identical/reintroduced gear

…besides inflating playtime.

As a community we hold a variety of opinions on sunsetting and its different aspects, ranging from absolutely anti- to absolutely pro-, with plenty of space in between for nuance. I think valid arguments can be made from 'both' sides on most aspects, even though I have my own opinions. We'll never achieve consensus on most of it. But I have yet to see a single person in favour of allowing multiple infusion caps for different copies of a weapon. The most commonly cited example is Gnawing Hunger being 'reintroduced' last season with a 1360 infusion cap but an identical perk pool to the 1060-capped Gnawing Hungers players had obtained previously. There were in fact dozens of weapons that received this treatment, including raid gear. This season we've even seen the raid gear infusion caps bumped up by another 50 levels, so even the drops we got last season are less useful than what we can get now.

I consider myself a rather effective Devil's Advocate, but the only valid justification I can think of for allowing multiple infusion caps for identical gear is that it's a good way to get us to re-grind for the same weapon we already have. But even from a greedy corporate perspective, does the inflated playtime really make up for the consumer dissatisfaction and potential abandonment? I can't imagine it does.


One of the main justifications for sunsetting is that it prevents weapons from staying in the meta for too long, instead promoting variety over time. But reintroducing weapons with identical perk pools completely violates this. Maybe there's nothing wrong with violating it, especially if they're reintroducing weapons that aren't meta-defining anyway. But there is no reason our old copies of the weapons should sunset any sooner than the new ones. It should not matter when we received the weapon; it should only matter when it was most recently (re)introduced. If they don't want Gnawing Hunger to be used past 1360, why cap some of them at 1060? Bringing the 1060s up to 1360 would have zero effect on the weapon's longevity.

When a weapon is reintroduced without any new features, previously obtained rolls should be automatically updated to the new caps. Or there should at least be a way to use in-game currency/materials to update old rolls to the new cap, if they insist on milking us for playtime. It's that simple. If anyone has a valid argument against this, I would genuinely love to hear it. To me this the most glaringly obvious misstep with sunsetting and even from a pro-sunsetting perspective it makes no sense. I know it's been brought up many times before, but so long as it continues happening I feel we should continue bringing it up.

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