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I Was Pro Sunsetting Back in February 2020 But I Have To Say Bungie…. “This Ain’t It Chief”

destiny2 4 - I Was Pro Sunsetting Back in February 2020 But I Have To Say Bungie.... "This Ain't It Chief"

I was all for sunsetting back in February 2020 well at least the way Luke and Bungie described it would be. But 2 months into Beyond Light I have to say "This Ain't It Chief"

The problem here is not only is the current version of sunsetting nothing like what we were told it would be, or the multiple problems we were told it would solve, but currently the only problem it is solving is cutting Dev time spent on balancing the sandbox with new weapons against all the old weapons.

Now Luke said Sunsetting isn't going away anytime soon in a recent interview and if thats the case then I think it is more than fair for us to ask that you at least consider improving or making changes to the current version. or at the very least make adjustments to have it solve all the issues you said it would.

So in order to do this I wanted to look back at the reasons Luke and Bungie gave us for sunsetting and address them head on.

Directors Cut in February 2020 Luke's Logic For Sunsetting

5/14/20 TWAB Breaking Down Their Reasons For Sunsetting

1. The changes to the Infusion system we’re talking about today are designed to promote the following:

We want you to more frequently earn and enjoy more powerful and standout gear.

Right now, if a new Legendary weapon isn’t better than the current best-in-class, there is no reason to replace your existing weapon with it.

If a new Legendary weapon is better than the current best-in-class, we risk power creep, removing challenge from the game, or making the item mandatory/the only option for challenging activities.

Both above points apply equally to new mods and perks, as well.

My Response:
While this sounds good on paper it quickly falls flat when you realize the issue isn't just "better weapons" but better perks. If Beyond Light wouldn't have had sunsetting I still would of jumped on board with the new weapons because they offered unique and useful perks. (I find myself using the raid weapons often because of this.)

If you look at the weapons in Shadowkeep as cool as they were non of them offered any new perks or brought anything new to the table and that's the real reason they failed. Same with Season of Dawn and Season of The Worthy (apart from Warmind Cells.)

It wasn't until Season of Arrivals that we got some actual new perks which made me actually care about those weapons more than the 7th seraph or dawning weapons. Even still that was only a a few perks and not enough to combat the damage and reload perks every weapon seems to crutch on. Only now with Beyond Light does it feel like were starting to move away from those crutches but that's not a product of sunsetting that's a product of better perk and weapon design.


Power Creep is a lame argument b/c people will always use what is most efficient power creep or not. My clan will always run Divinity, Dual Slug Shotty or Cloudstrike on Deep Stone Crypt Final Boss not b/c its harder if we don't but b/c we can melt him and get it done faster.

2. Powerful weapons can be era-defining, but eventually those eras need to end so that new eras can begin.

We want strong weapons to have their time in the sun, and whenever possible we want you to expect and prepare for powerful gear to cycle out of the endgame meta.

We can’t solve this by just making weapons that are always “better” than the previous ones. This will steadily lower time-to-kill in both PvP and PvE, until the combat sandbox is neither fun nor tactical.

My Response:
While there is a valid point regarding trying to make weapons always better than the last even with perks the simple solution to avoiding this is to simply make adjustments to the weapons sandbox every season like you currently do to give new weapons a chance to shine. This essentially already has a solution and feels like just a reason to justify sunsetting forcing us to have to find new weapons.

3. We also want to foster a gradually evolving meta that regularly promotes experimentation and debate.

We believe Destiny is at its best when you have new desirable things to pursue and when you have active debates with your clanmates about which of those new things to bring into the new raid, or which is going to be hot in Trials next Season."

My Response:
This already exists people were doing this in year 1-3 in D2. This just seems like another fake positive result of sunsetting that isn't a result of sunsetting at all.

A Few Suggestions To Improve Sunsetting

  • Remove Armor Sunsetting – Its Literally Pointless and Makes Me Chase Armor Less Not More
  • Consider Extending Weapon Lifespan – Why not Include all of Year 3 Weapons until 1360/1410?
  • Make Sure It Only Effects Pinnacle Activities – No Reason I Can't use Midnight Coup In Core Activities

Final Thoughts:

While some people might argue what about Recluse and Mountain Top being sunset. I would say those are only 2 weapons and bungie could of chose to sunset only those and maybe a few others. Bungie does have control over how powerful a weapon is and what is meta and what isn't using Sunsetting as a reason to solve these issues is like me trying to change a tire with toilet paper it doesn't even relate.

Anyways thats my thoughts and feedback thanks for listening.

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