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I would much rather see old whisper coming back and having only 3 bullet than having it in the state it is right now.

destiny2 10 - I would much rather see old whisper coming back and having only 3 bullet than having it in the state it is right now.

Now lets be real, the prenerf whipser was broken, 20 ammo + bonus bullets on damage phase was game breaking, you could even say the 9 ammo Nerf was too, which I could understand. But here's the other part people don't talk about. The whisper was never the top DPS weapons, it was obviously in the top tier, but never was it the best one.

But it was the most used for 1 reason, it's easy to use, you could use it whenever, take out some majors, and sometime even get your 3 ammo back on them, and you'll be ok if you kept 3 ammo for the final boss to do the DPS. And THAT made it overpowered.

So we have seen some patch, noticeably with the 9 ammo one, probably to counter the major problem, but apparently Bungie decided it wasn't enough and later decided to get rid of the ammo creation part.

So what happen when you take a weapon with a cool and unique feature and decide to remove the cool and unique feature? It become stale and useless. And don't tell me it's not true because it's not the 1rst time it happened.
Cold heart? Was the only trace rifle, add other trace rifle, stale and useless.
Sleeper Simulant? Add other LFR + Nerf the rebound, stale and useless + worst than legendaries.

And this is where we are today, we have a weapon that is super punishing, hard to manoeuvre and has a worst DPS than DARCI, so why would people use it?


Is it still powerful? Yeah, kinda, but having a hard hitting sniper isn't what people want, for the major or for a boss, anarchy, xenophage and other easy to use weapon already took that place, whisper as no room in the current meta and never will because it is JUST a hard hitting sniper.
The perk doesn't even make sense anymore, having 3 bullets is plenty enough to take out a major so what's the point of reloading? And for DPS why would people use a hard to use sniper that you have to wait 3 second to get full damage, and THEN successfully land 15 critical hits for it to be "operational" when they already have 13 rounds in the chamber of Xenophage ready to rock?

So yeah, it's still powerful, but it's harder to use than any other weapon, slow, super punishing and doesn't even reward the player for using it right.

If the 9 ammo wasn't good enough, just fuck us over and make it 3, it will be solely used for DPS and will not be used anywhere else AND will be extra punishing if you miss a shot cause you couldn't use it until you find more ammo, but at least it will be useable and useful, whereas today, it sleeps in people's vault.

I LOVE to check on people's loadout, can be my friend, can be people at the tower or even people with me on a strike, and since the start of beyond light I have seen some uh "funky and interesting" loadout, but you know what I haven't seen even ONCE? Whisper of the Worm.

Please Bungie, bring back whisper.

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