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I wrote a Destiny short…

destiny2 8 - I wrote a Destiny short...

Please excuse the grammatical errors, I wrote this at 2am when I couldn't sleep…

The guardian crouched low on his rock overlooking a desolate plain and the dark cave in the distance. Like a stone gargoyle keeps vigil on its perch he surveyed the scene. "Hive" he growled, as a group of thrall shambled across the ground below. "What's the play?" – A robotic voice chirped in his helmet. The ghost shell that followed him wherever he went, an eternal companion, sharing his spark of light. It stayed hidden but close, for now. "Same as always" said the guardian plainly and then leapt into the air.

Guardians develop their own style of fighting, although the three creeds tend to lend themselves to certain strengths they all have the use of firearms in common. Warlock's favour their knowledge of the light to conjure spells akin to magic, generating healing rifts and swords of flame, Hunters are gifted with great accuracy and so will use ranged weapons to silence their prey, or use their agility and nimbleness to close on a kill to finish with a blade. Tac 3 was of the Titan order however, less finesse – more brute. And he demonstrated the way his order fought by engaging the group of thrall below with a grenade. A suppressor grenade no less that he hurled in to the midst of the group with a grunt. The thrall were oblivious to the meteor that was about to fall upon them, their first warning was the clanking sound a strange, purple, glowing metallic rock made as it impacted the ground between them. It detonated, blasting the centre three to pieces and blinding the others. Tac 3 softened his landing by pummeling one of the blinded thrall into the ground, boot first, shattering its skull. He punched another square in the face and sent it reeling before charging the next. The thrall shook its head, clearing its vision and screeched at the titan hurtling towards him, fangs bared, claws spread, darkness filling its eyes. Tac 3 responded by launching forward, a blazing violet shield generated around his arm and shoulder as he crashed like thunder upon the skeletal thing, blasting it to dust. The shield evaporated, he drew his semi-automatic scout rifle from across his back and strode on into the last remaining beasts. "One, two, three…" he counted his rounds as he fired precise headshot after headshot, keeping count of his remaining rounds, he'd been caught out in a firefight before. In need of a weapon but no rounds chambered, not this time though.

In the distance a trio of larger Hive monsters lumbered out of the darkness, each had three glowing eyes that watched the guardian at work, dragging their huge bone swords through the dirt. Tac 3 was aware of the new threat lumbering towards him but kept his focus, another three thrall had fallen, three left, there wasn't usually this many so close together out in the open. Rifle spent, he reattached the rifle with a mag-lock to his back and drew his hand-cannon, and finished the remaining thrall with the boom of his 6 shooter. Almost as soon as he destroyed the last thrall a hand burst through the dirt beside him, and another and another. "Night of the living dead eh?" He'd woken the Hive.

The three Hive knights were priority targets, they had to be dealt with, the lesser, newest wave of thrall emerging from the ground would be finished after. He holstered the cannon and charged once more, this time though he raised his fist into the air as he ran and the light burst from him, his practices in the code of the sentinel casting a shield of purple light on his arm, he launched the shield with a backhand motion of his arm, no sooner had it left his arm than another burst into being on his forearm, he spun and launched the second like a discus. Once more the shield regenerated and he stepped in to a sprint.


The first shield struck home cracking the bone armour chestplate of the first knight which began seeping a black smoke. It continued on, ricocheting in to the other two. The second shield pummeled the weakened knight again knocking it over, black smoke now poured from it and the thing stopped moving. The second knight sidestepped the shield as it span on into the distance. No matter he had closed the distance by now and engaged with a heavy cross, using the shield to add weight to the punch, the knight staggered and was struck again. It stood a full foot and a half taller than the Titan, no slight on the guardian who was already a hefty 7 feet in full armour. The giant levelled himself and began to swing its sword. Too late, Tac 3 finished the knight with a powerful upper cut, removing its head from its neck, an explosion of black smoke billowed from its neck, its life force disappearing to nothing as it crashed to its knees and toppled over. The light faded from the guardian, his energy spent, there was still one knight and a host of thrall descending upon him. Time to do what Titans did best. He clenched his fists and began pummeling the knight, body shot, cross, hook, like any great pugilist he hit the gargant with a flurry of armoured fists, which made the dumb thing forget it had weapons of it's own. Weakened it stepped back, Tac 3 took the opening and leaned back hard, sweeping back a mohawk of purple light that appeared upon his helmet, he stamped down hard throwing his full body weight in to an explosive headbutt that crushed the knights skull and sent it hurtling onto it's back a mangled heap of chitin and bone. Dead.

He spun on his heel to see a crowd of thrall stumbling towards him, tripping and swiping their claws as they ran, teeth chattering, husky screeches thrown at him. "I'm gonna need something big" he said to ghost. To which the tiny shell that had been cloaked til now, transmatted a heavy machine gun in to Tacs right hand. Indiscrimate fire from the belt fed weapon peppered the oncoming horde to dust.

The guardian observed his surroundings, silence. He took the opportunity and reloaded his weapons, dropping to one knee so as to reduce his profile he slammed fresh magazines in to his weapons. "Close quarters, let's have a weapon swap" He said and activated ghosts inventory, a hologram appeared in the air in front of him, he selected a more compact side arm in place of his hand cannon and replaced the longer range of his single fire scout rifle for a shotgun he'd received from an old friend in his order. The weapons mag-locked to his armour changed instantly thanks to ghosts ability to transport them between armoury and armour. Tac 3 closed the interface and stared into the dark of the cave in front of him. He drew the side arm with his right hand, and without even looking, grabbed hold of a combat blade attached to the outside of his left calf with his left hand and rose to his feet in one swift motion. Placing his knife hand under his pistol hand created a stable firing platform, tip of his blade and barrel of his weapon forward to the thick black of the cave, which looked almost like murky water, no light penetrating more than a few metres inside. He advanced, planting each foot heel to toe, rolling his feet as he went, knees bent, shoulders forward, weapons ready. "Let's go hunt some Hive".

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