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I wrote a short story explaining my guardian’s mental state going into Beyond Light

destiny2 9 - I wrote a short story explaining my guardian's mental state going into Beyond Light

The guardian felt his jumpship vibrate as it warped through space. The coordinates for Europa was set and the computer read ETA 23 hours 58 minutes. Waiting was the worse part of his travels. He could climb back into the rear compartment, eat some food, climb into his bunk and sleep. Sleep however never came easy and only welcomed painful memories to flood his dreams.

"Ghost, systems check"

His faithful companion appeared over his right shoulder and went to work. The guardian climbed out of the cockpit and went to the rear compartment to check his gear. Hanging in the weapons locker was his weapon of choice, Bad Juju. The infamous pulse rifle had a history with his fellow guardians. A legendary warlock named Toland, who had a facination with the hive's belief in sword logic, crafted the weapon. Before the guardian arrived at the first tower Toland was exiled from the last city for straying too close to the darkness. He found it ironic that Toland would be banished for doing the same thing he was about to do. For other guardians Bad Juju was a taboo, but for him he felt that it represented him perfectly. A guardian who would tempt darkness. He certainly wasn't the same guardian when he was reserected for the first time.

The guardian opened his pack and checked his supplies. Europa was covered in ice with sub zero temperatures and blizzards a daily occurrence. He would need to keep his more fragile gear protected. As he made sure everything was secured his hand brushed against a familiar hand cannon. He wrapped his fingers around the grip and pulled the Ace of Spades out. Two years ago, he and his mentor Cayde-6, the hunter vanguard at the time, traveled to the tangle shore to help stop a prison riot. It turned out that the riot was a cover for a prison break. Weidling the Ace of Spades Cayde tried to stop the awoken prince, Uldren Sov, from escaping with his scorn barons alone. The attempt not only cost Cayde Ace, but also his life. Stricken with rage and anger, the guardian went on a war path through the tangled shore to find Uldren. Not for justice, but for revenge. The guardian eventually found Uldren, took the Ace of Spades back and executed the disgraced prince. Cayde's death left a hole in his heart that still hurt, one revenge never filled.

He carried Ace with him to honor Cayde, but he felt his actions didn't make him worthy to wield his friends hand cannon so he put it back. Truth be told, his crusade caused a rift between many of his friends. Zavala, the titan vanguard, did not sanction his mission and strictly prohibited any action to be taken against Uldren Sov. Now there was a growing rift between them because of him. He was angry that Zavala would not avenge his friend's death. While he was angry he also understood in a way where Zavala came from. A year before, the city was taken by a surprise attack that cost them nearly everything. The red legion, led by an albino cabal named Dominus Ghaul, successfully attacked the last city and cut the guardians connection to the traveler. Because of Ghaul's success, many guardians had their final deaths and their numbers dwindled. The city's defenders where weak, and Zavala wouldn't risk leaving the traveler exposed again.


What was more concerning to him was the rift between him and his ghost. Ghost wouldn't admit that he was worried about him and that he wanted to talk to him, but the guardian could see it. The way his shell rotated around his eye, how they interacted with one another, the things left unsaid but understood by their bond all changed when they returned from the tangled shore. The changes where subtle, but noticable because of their long history together. He knew that his ghost would never abandon him, but in his darkest moments, the moments where he was alone he felt that his ghost would be better off. For some reason, rather it's because of the light or their friendship, he wanted to please his ghost the most. He wanted to be the guardian he saw in him, and he felt like he was letting him down.

Now, the darkness invited them to Europa to give them a taste of its power. That power scared him for numerous reasons. Every time they met the darkness overpowered his ghost and used himas a conduit to communicate with him, and every time he was scared that his friend wouldn't come back. What scared him the most though was the power the darkness offered and how it would change him. If he gave in, would he be able to control it or would he be a puppet to the darkness? Would he be power hungry and become a war lord like the ones during the dark age? Would he become like Toland? Would his ghost leave him? He pushed his thoughts away and continued to check his equipment. There was nothing he could do until he arrived. He pulled out his subzero gear and put it on. The armor had a fusion pack that would flow through the joints and keep his body warm and insolated. Without it he would most likely freeze to death.

The alarm sounded, indicating that they were about to arrive. The guardian strapped himself back in his seat just in time for the ship to come out of warp speed and decelerate hard. He stared out into the wildness of space, the gas giant jupiter filled his view screen. Even after all he has seen, space always intrigued him. They arrived safely to their destination, and in time to watch the ice moon of Europa come into view.

"There it is" his ghost said. If he was nervous, the guardian couldn't tell. His companion always put on a brave face. Ghost turned to face him as if he sensed his doubt, his fear. "whatever happens, whatever we find. I just want you to know that I'm happy that I found you back on earth. The Black Garden, Oryx, Ghaul… none of them could stop us. Whatever the darkness has down there won't stop us either. We'll face it together like always."

The guardian nodded, took the joystick and accelerated to Europa. He didn't always know what the right thing to say, he just hoped that his ghost knew how much he appreciated him. His ghost floated over his right shoulder and said what he always told him.

"Eyes up Guardian."

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