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I wrote a short story set in the Destiny universe, ‘The Fallen Child’. Tell me what you think!

destiny2 10 - I wrote a short story set in the Destiny universe, 'The Fallen Child'. Tell me what you think!

I also made a Site where you can also read the story, or download it if you want.

Anyway, here is the story! It's about 6 pages or 2000 words.

I sat my fireteam down around the campfire. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. Titan Legria, my best friend, and Warlock Saio, my mentor.

“So you guys know why I’m out here, right?” They both shook their heads. “Well, I heard some reports of some Fallen doing-”

Tukra cut me off. “Fallen?”

Saio answered before I could. “It’s what we call the Eliksni,”

“Oh, OK” She chirped back.

I continued. “Yeah so there were some weird Fallen from House of Kings and I heard that they were doing some Hive rituals. So, as an expert on this part of Europe, I was sent in,”

Tukra questioned again. “Europe?”

“It’s the name from… it’s where we are,” I replied. Tukra nodded her head.

“So I was shipped out here and I start lookin’ for clues and where that Kell could be. After some searching, I find this empty Fallen hideout. Inside, a new House symbol written all over the walls and some abandoned Fallen gear. Not good for two reasons. One: New House. Obviously that's bad; and Two: The Fallen don’t just… leave stuff lying around. They always take their stuff with them. I knew something was fishy.”

“I did some more snooping and eventually I learnt where the Kell of this House of Hive was. So I got there ‘n’ started sneaking around. At this point I was pretty deep in the place and eventually I ended up in this long hallway, so I took a peak around the corner into what I thought could have been their control room and saw a Servitor, some Dregs, some Vandals and one big scary Captain. This guy, the Captain, must have had eyes in the back of his head or something because they turned around and saw me instantly, and just screamed at me! Like I mean screamed, like he was some Hive Witch or something!”

Again, Tukra interrupted. “Witch?”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Saio whispered into Tukra’s ear, who was now sitting on the Awoken’s lap.

“So I knew the jig was up. I lobbed an Arcbolt into the room and pulled out my Auto. I was mowing down some low level guys when I noticed this thing in the centre of the room. When I first peeked around the corner I didn’t get a real good look at anything so I had no idea what it was. But now that I got a good look at what it was, it was an altar! It had all these glowin’ green symbols around it, so I thought ‘that bastard of a Captain…”

“Hey!” Legria interrupted. “Watch your language!”

“Sorry. That… guy must have been sacrificing his Fallen minions, to something. I just had to figure out what. But I had bigger problems in the form of that Captain and his Servitor. I figured that I should target that Servitor first. Don’t want to deal with some goddamn giant invincible Captain! I formed my plan, grabbed out my grenade launcher and lobbed 3 quick shells at it. The b… guy was hurting but not dead. I decided I’d go up close and personal for the kill. I pulled out my staff, channelled my light and sank it right into that Servitors eye! The Captain of course was none to happy the arrangement-”

“And that’s when he died the first time,” My Ghost, Promise, sarcastically added.

I turned to face my Ghost, who was floating next to me. “Hey, shut it! I’m telling the story here!”

I turn back to the group. “That was the first time I died,”

“And how many more times did I have to bring you back?”

“… 3. But! But! That Captain is dead, so I think it was worth it,”

Legria sat up. “Yeah that’s great and all but where does…?” She snapped her fingers in the air, like something was on the tip of her tongue,

“Tukra,” I answered.

“Yeah, where does Tukra come into this?”

“I was getting to that! Anyway, the Captain was no more so me and Promise decided to have a look around the place,”

“I looked at the computers and systems,” Promise stated

“And I snooped around the altar,” I added.

“The computers didn’t have too much info about the new house that this Captain wanted to form, but it did have a lot of stuff from House of Kings. The only thing that wasn’t from House Kings was details for a Hive ritual, where you could ‘grow your strength through the sacrifice of those dearest.’ There was also a list labels, no names, of those who the Captain saw as ‘dearest’,”

“All of them had ‘Brought before the Kell’ written next to them. We could find no trace of them in the room or around the altar. It was like they disappeared. Whatever, they were doing, it seemed to have worked,” I elaborated.

“As I looked through the list, I saw one of ‘Dearest’ hadn’t been killed yet. Labelled as Daughter of the Kell, we decided to had a good look around the room to try and find her,”

“Finally, I saw a cage in the corner. It was a big cage too. 3 feet by 7 feet on our end, who knows how deep. All the others around it were open, this was the only one left closed. I told Promise to give it a scan,”

“There was a Fallen life signature, faint but present.”

“I put one hand on the door handle, one on my pistol. And I opened the door, drew my weapon,”

“And I was there!” Tukra exclaimed. She excitedly ran over to me from Saio and hugged my leg.

“Yep, you.” I picked her up and sat her in my lap. “This tiny creature, illuminated only by the green glow of my visor, ran into the corner of the cage, the light from her 4 eyes staring back at me. I-I just, I don’t know what hit me. She was Fallen. She was the enemy. But, I couldn’t. Not a child. She was just so…”

“Helpless,” whispered Saio.

“Yeah,” I replied, hushed.

The epiphany hung in the air.

Legria was the one to break the silence. “Well, I’m happy you didn’t kill her, she’s adorable!” Tukra finally seemed to notice her. She ran over to the Titan and tugged on her Mark.

“Doran told me of you! He said… he said you’re the coolest!” Tukra excitedly recited.


“Oh really? What did he tell you about me? About how I always save his butt?” A light flashed in the Titan’s head and her face lit up. This was NOT good.

A wide grin came across her face. “Did he tell you about what happened in the Pyramidion?” Tukra looked at me, she wanted an answer.

I walked over and took Tukra out of Legria’s arms “No-one needs to know what happened in the Pyramidion, OK? OK,”

I sat back down with Tukra in my arms. We all sat in silence again.

“So, why the name?” Saio asked


“Yeah, why that name?”

“It was what we found on her clothes,” Promise explained.

“Huh. How long has she been with you?”

“It was, what, 3 weeks after our deployment?”

“I think so, ” Replied Promise.

“So… umm… like 2 months?”

“2 months?” Shouted Saio. “What have you been doing with her?”

“Well, we kept her in the safe-house…” Promise explained.

“Alone?” Saio retorted

“She had plenty of Ether! And we didn’t go far, no further than half a day's travel!” I added.

“So she was still alone then.”

Silence came back to the camp, the crackling of the fire was the only noise in the air.

“What do you plan on doing with her, exactly?” Saio kept her tone low and flat.

“I-I don’t know,” I sheepishly replied.

“You tried, I don’t know, give her back?” She pressed.

“Well I mean we killed her dad and her dad killed everyone else, so-”

Saio began to raise her voice. “What about the other Fallen in the area?”

“Her dad wasn’t exactly a popular dude-”

“Did you even try?”

“Yes we did! I don’t blame them for not wanting to touch Tukra with a 10 foot pole, the Fallen are a loony bunch sometimes. They might think that Tukra might become like her dad and kill everyone.”

“What about House of Light?”

I shook my head. Seems word got around fast, even they know about her father and don’t want anything to do with her. Everyone went silent again.

“Then what are you going to do with her?” Saio asked.

I shrugged. Silence.

“Saio, can I have her?” I ask,

She stands up and gives the Eliksni child to me. I stare at her. She stares back, this innocent thing in my arms. What should I do? What can I do? She can’t go back to the City with us, right? She’s Fallen. Fallen have been killing and trying to conquer us for… well, forever. How can I just let a Fallen into the City? What if the City finds her? What are they going to do to her? She’s in my care, I can’t just let them dump her back out into the Wilds! Or worse…

And what about Ether? How can we sustain her without any Ether, there’s obviously none in the City! And what if the Fallen were right, what if she turned out like her dad, killing everyone and everything in the name of the Hive Worm Gods?

But I can’t just… l can’t leave her.

She relies on us now.

I think it over.

I know what I gotta do.

I call over my Ghost and we leave the camp, with Tukra in my arms.

“Saio has a point, you know,” I say.

“THE point,” Promise retorts.

“Do you have any ideas?” I ask.

“I don’t know. We can’t just… dump her. She’s under our protection,” The Ghost paused. “Do you have anything?”

“You know… we could…?”


“Take her back,”


“To the City with us,”

“No. No! No way! Do you want the repercussions? We’ll be ruined! Kicked out of the Vanguard! Think of what they’ll do to Tukra if they find her? They’ll-”

I interrupt “If we can’t do that, then what other options do we have?”

He looked down and thought long and hard. “If we do this, we need to commit. 100%”

“Agreed. We can’t let anyone know.”

“Not a soul,”

“What about the fireteam?”

“Damn! How will we keep them quiet? It’ll be their butts on the line too,”

“We’ll just have to get them to agree to silence,”


We both stand opposite each other.

“You ready?” My Ghost asks.

“Yeah, you ready?”

“Uh huh,”

“Promise?” My Ghost turns to me, then realises the joke. A stupid grin crosses my face. He sighs and floats back towards the campfire. I walk with him, a sleeping Tukra in my arms.

We both stand back over the log where I sat, Legria and Saio looking up toward us.

“Guys, we have a massive favour to ask-”

Promise interrupted “You didn’t see Tukra. You never came out here, we didn’t find a Fallen child, all we did on our deployment was stop some Fallen doing a Hive ritual. OK?”

Legria sat up. “What are you talking about?”

Promise kept rambling “Tukra doesn’t exist, alright! You didn’t see anything!”


I interrupt him before he can say anything else stupid. “We just want to stay quiet about Tukra, OK?”

“Umm, sure. I can keep her secret,” Legria looked over to Saio. The Warlock nodded in agreement.

“That still doesn’t explain what you’re going to do with her,” Saio questioned.

“We’re umm-”

My Ghost butts in. “We’re bringing her to the City,”

They both look at us, stunned. Legria was the first to speak. “Are you serious?”

I look down at the kid. “Yeah,”

Saio is still quiet, staring at the child.

Legria sighs. “You got a plan?”

Promise and I look at each other. I start talking. “Well, we’ll just have to figure that out. We got 5 days left until we have to fly back to the City. There, we give a debrief and then we’re free to go,”

“That’s not a plan, dumbass.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out,”

We all went silent again. The feeling hung in the air, then Saio got up and walked in front of me. She put her hands on my shoulders, looked at the kid, then back at me.

“Don’t fuck this up,”

“I-I’ll try not to,”

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