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I wrote down my drops after redeeming 26400 Crucible Tokens (1320 Packages) Here are some diagrams and stats

destiny2 2 - I wrote down my drops after redeeming 26400 Crucible Tokens (1320 Packages) Here are some diagrams and stats

Hey Guardians

First of all. No rant or anything the system is about to be gone for crucible but since you don't get the chance to waste 26k tokens everyday I might as well show you some flaws of the current system.

I finally got around doing this since those Tokens are about to be invalid.
Keep in mind that Shaxx's-loot-pool does NOT reflect the entire World-loot-pool, since Shaxx will only drop you Crucible Armor and no other armor, like seventh seraph armor etc. …
On the other hand it does include all the weapons from the regular World-loot-pool.

Also, I did this on a char were I had all the Crucible Armor unlocked to not rig the numbers.

So here are some diagrams since those are probably more expressive than my words:

Armor and Weapon drops

Only Weapon drops

Chances of dropping a specific piece of gear

Ok, Im aware that a lot of people probably have already done something like this but I wanted to see the raw data myself.

And tbh im kinda shocked on some of these numbers. It seems weird that those numbers feel arbitrary because its supposed to be random but the weapon part is so strangely weighted towards certain weapons.

Since this system is about to be gone anyway(at least for crucible) I won't spend time analyzing these numbers a lot and if there is anything I wanted to show you with these diagrams, its that getting armor and especially specific weapons rolls this way was completely busted. Here is why.

Out of 772 Armor drops 6 of them dropped above 60 and two were worth keeping if im being picky
Head Piece
Arm Piece

So there is actually a 99% chance that you armor piece is going to be sub 60


And since out of the remaining 548 weapons drops some weapons have and extremely rare chance to drop its makes it practically impossible do drop a somewhat usable roll of a specific weapon.

If I wanted to make some sort of sense out of the weird weighting towards certain weapons I would actually say that it has something to do with when weapons got introduced. If you look at the diagram it makes some sort of sense that weapons on the left hand side of the spectrum are somewhat newer. Its obviously not always the case but if I had to guess I would say it has something to do with it. If I go with this concept it looks like the system sometimes cares about the fact that a weapon was reissued and sometimes it doesn't. If that makes any sense.
Its also difficult to say what necessarily counts as "reissued". A "First in last out" might still be considered reissued even though we only had a Year 1 version with no random rolls prior to the one from Season of Arrivals. OK whatever I better get the Spinfoil hat off….

If there is someone reading this who wanted to do this herself/himself before the new season I would highly appreciate if you tag me in your post since I really wanted to know if other people get the same weird weighting. You can also reach out to me on Discord: Merri#2845

To come to an end here are some random numbers.

  • Took me roughly 3-4hour to redeem the tokens dismantle the gear and get the data, including small breaks
  • I gained 5286 Legendary shards
  • I gained 3960 gunsmith parts
  • I gained 353 Enhancement Cores
  • I gained 26 Rainmaker
  • I gained 23 Finest Matterweave
  • I gained 21 Pure Matterglas lenses

Have a good day Guardian see you in the wild 🙂

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