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I’d be less miffed about the Chaos Reach nerf if so many Warlock subclasses weren’t nerfed into the ground already

destiny2 7 - I'd be less miffed about the Chaos Reach nerf if so many Warlock subclasses weren't nerfed into the ground already

I get that it's wonky that Chaos Reach seems to ignore walls sometimes if you're near a corner, or something. That is indeed BS.

I get that if they changed it (unintentionally?) so that even dying while currently doing your Lightning Kamehameha refunds you Super energy, that is also BS. Dying while using it should mean you have zero super energy when you respawn again, since it's not like it's hard to cancel early anyway. If you catch a Warlock mid-Super, they should get punished.

But a flat nerf to Super energy refunded when you successfully cancel hurts when holy fuck why do I think I've defaulted to Chaos Reach so much in the first place?

Voidwalker: Who even think this is good anymore? Top tree, the grenades take forever to charge up for benefits that are less threatening than Duskfield is naturally–and I don't honestly expect that to change even after the nerfs. An overcharged Vortex grenade only kills Guardians if they just don't react to it. An overcharged Axion does good damage but is easily dodged. Scatter can't ever be relied upon, period.

Slowva Bomb, well, is slow enough that some Supers just kill you first or can dodge it before it even hits the ground.

Bottom tree is very risk/reward, if you're godly you can go on killstreaks with Devour, but you lose all value if you eat a grenade and just die instantly to a special weapon or Super or whatever. I can't remember the last time a Warlock killed me and instantly healed because they had Devour going, it's just not used except by some streamers.

Middle tree? A complete disgrace. It's bad, and it's even more awful that it's been allowed to be that way for so long. Nova Warp takes so long to charge up its attacks for a Super that has to get into shotgun range to that it's comical, and HHSN is kind of a joke now.

Dawnblade: Top tree remains great. Got that going, at least…

Middle tree, just no. If you want be meme-y and play Healer by equipping Lumina and throwing healing grenades at your friends, go ahead, but it's a meme. Nobody uses Well of Radiance tree in Crucible for serious business.

Bottom tree Dawnblade is like middle tree Voidwalker, it's disgusting how awful it is. It's great in PvE but only with Dawn Chorus which is another travesty; nerfing something into the ground and then un-nerfing it with an Exotic is a band-aid on a deep wound. Now the subclass is locked into an Exotic choice.


But in Crucible it remains terrible, you have nothing useful until your Super is online, and even then, it's not even the best Super around anyway. It's frankly the most boring subclass in the game, the one unique action you can perform in your neutral game is to…awkwardly dive towards the ground to heal a bit. Fun?

Stormcaller: Top tree has been pretty dead in Crucible as well. Your Stormtrance gets laughed at by Silence and Squall, Glacial Quake, and Shadebinder. Your Arc Web-boosted grenades are again, less threatening than Stasis abilities. There's precious little reason to pick this.

Bottom tree: See top tree, but it's even worse since it can't Ionic Blink, has even worse grenades and melees, and Arc Souls are laughable.

Mid tree: Like top tree Dawnblade, well at least we have this going for us. Being able to spam a Super as simple as Chaos Reach makes up for a lot. Grenades are default, melee is a bit meh, but at least you can use them a bit more often and have more Supers than other Warlock subclasses. One that can shut down ground-based Supers pretty well or just give a "fuck you in particular" to 1-2 enemies in sight and then shut it off to preserve some energy.

Shadebinder: Getting some love, at least, but who knows at this point. It even got a nerf to Penumbral Blast coinciding with the buffs.

Conclusion: For a long, long time I've seen exactly two Warlock subclasses in the Crucible–Attunement of Sky and Attunement of Control–because the rest are outclassed or remain nerfed into sorry states, and now one of those is getting a nerf as well because Warlocks can't have nice things, I guess.

Like I said, if I felt like Warlock had several other options, I'd be less miffed about the Chaos Reach nerf. Which I suspect is mostly because of a certain Elimination playlist which has become so passive and campy that some fireteams do nothing but watch their cooldowns, thus making anything that Supers more often feel too powerful as a result.

If Chaos Reach must get punished because of one playlist with 1% of the player population actually participating in it, can other subclass trees get some actual love? Maybe there's so much Chaos Reach in all playlists because Warlocks feel bottlenecked into it due to lack of viable choices.

Top tree Dawn, Chaos Reach, everything else basically sucks or is at best lukewarm.

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