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I’d stay out of gambit for a while, as later challenges have you doing a lot in it again. Spoilers for future challenges.

destiny2 4 - I’d stay out of gambit for a while, as later challenges have you doing a lot in it again. Spoilers for future challenges.

For the unaware, all of the remaining challenges have been datamined already. I went through the ones we still haven’t seen with some friends of mine to see what we should be planning ahead for.

While some of these may be retroactive, I wouldn’t bet on that.

SPOILERS. Here’s a spreadsheet with all of the rest of the challenges, thank you to whoever made it!

Here’s the big gambit problems, for those of you who don’t wanna dig through that:

Week 8: “Clearing The Inner Circle” Kill 40 Primeval Envoys

Week 9: “Feels Good To Be Bad” Kill 40 guardians in gambit. Bonus progress for kills while invading.

Additionally here’s some other painful ones:

  • Complete a GM nightfall (week 6)
  • Win 7 Rounds of Trials of Osiris (week 7, also gives you a random trials weapon when you complete it)
  • Get each of the ornaments for Salvager’s Salvo (weeks 6-8)
  • Earn 5 Valor ranks (week 7, matches the gambit one from this week)
  • Get 80 guardians with elemental kills in Iron Banner. Bonus progress for stasis kills (week 10)
  • Kill 50 combatants in the new strike IN IT’S NIGHTFALL FORM with a linear fusion or a sidearm (week 8)
  • Kill 20 boss or elite cabal in the new strike (week 10)
  • Kill 400 targets while wearing a matching armor set. Bonus progress on guardian kills. (Week 9)
  • Kill 600 targets with grenades or rocket launchers. Bonus progress for multikills. (Week 10)

There’s a few more gross ones but these are the ones that I think most people are gonna complain about.


So, if you’re already putting off doing stuff in crucible, you might as well continue putting it off. Remember that there’s some time after the last week ends, as there’s exactly 28 days between when week 10 starts (April 13th) and when the season ends (May 11th).

Also remember that you can skip some challenges and still get the bright dust at the end. There’s 77 challenges total and you need 75 for the big reward.

edit: thanks for the awards? But also. If you’re dreading the trials one, make sure your calendar is open on March 26 through 28th. Why?

Because that’s the weekend of trials that is first available after that challenge drops.

Meaning more people are gonna be there than any other time of the season.

Meaning more people who are not the best at destiny will be there.

Meaning you’re more likely to get easy/fair/easier games than normal.

So clear out that slot in your time and get your grind on! Plan ahead with some friends or just get an LFG together on that day. If you’re willing to attempt that challenge, that weekend is going to be the best it’s gonna get.

Obviously don’t bother if you’re not willing to try that out. But if you wanna see if you can get that challenge done easy/easier than it would be, do it that weekend.

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