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If Destiny 2 is going to remain as a free-to-play game, more emphasis should be placed on the core playlists.

destiny2 8 - If Destiny 2 is going to remain as a free-to-play game, more emphasis should be placed on the core playlists.

With how much was taken out of the game and cycled into the DCV, a free player doesn’t really have much variety in terms of what they can experience. After the New Light missions, your main experience is the Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit playlists, which, as any paid knows, can become extremely monotonous at times. Paid players though at least get other content to play in the meantime. Free players are stuck with core playlists, and even that can be worse than what a paid player experiences because they lack access to specific Weapons that could be dominant.

Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit need some serious love and attention. Besides the Power grind each Season, as well as the Ritual Quests (previously a Ritual Weapon for each, but now one Ritual Weapon with an Ornament for each core playlist), you’re really only playing these if you enjoy doing it. None of the three are particularly rewarding, and each playlist had it’s content cut significantly, making each feel even more repetitive than ever (Strike playlist losing a bunch of Strikes, Crucible losing a bunch of maps and modes, and Gambit losing a couple maps, Gambit Prime and The Reckoning).

I like the steps being taken with the vendor updates outlined in the recent TWaB. It’ll definitely feel more rewarding to play each of these playlists passively. Exclusive Weapons to each playlist (three in each as of next Season) are also nice additions, and hopefully each Season after continues to bring more Weapons cycled in. I do think more can be done though, because again, this is all a free-to-play player has at their disposal, and this would go a long way to supporting the free-to-play playerbase in an effort to hopefully convert them into paid players.


I’m not sure what the solutions are. More Strikes and more Crucible/Gambit maps are always welcome, but that’s not enough to make each core playlist feel fresh every so often. I just think it’s important to make sure that a good portion of each Season has some focus on improving the core playlists. They don’t even have to see changes all at once. I’d welcome a Season with more emphasis on revitalizing the Strike playlist, and another with the Crucible playlist.

Hopefully somebody at Bungie sees this though and understands where I’m coming from though. 🙂

EDIT: I think people are misunderstanding the crux of the post. The current Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit experience don’t offer enough for ANYONE, regardless of if you’re a paid player or not. I made the emphasis about free players because this is all they have access to, none of which are fully-fleshed out modes that a new player will enjoy enough to want to become a paid player. They’ll likely interact with each a few times and dip out because what’s there isn’t worthwhile.

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