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If Destiny 2 is here to stay, I think some core issues need to be fixed so the game feels better for the next few years

destiny2 4 - If Destiny 2 is here to stay, I think some core issues need to be fixed so the game feels better for the next few years

There's probably a bunch of small problems that need addressing, so please comment issues you think Bungie should look into.

1: Vendors and the Tower- It is honestly sad how worthless vendors are in D2 outside of giving bounties. Ikora does nothing, Amanda Holiday does nothing. Hawthorne, Zavala and Shaxx are bounty boards with quest dialogue. Drifter is similar but has more personality. Banshee is probably the best vendor because he actually sells something outside of bounties. But even then, the gunsmith only sells mods and materials. This is bad from a gameplay standpoint, but also makes the characters feel shallow because we only interact with them for bounties. Their inventory and role in game doesn't reflect the character like it did in D1.

There's plenty of ways to give the vendors more personality.

Ikora could sell class armor sets (for all classes) for legendary shards. You could buy more armor from her or get different variations of the armor as you level up her faction. Since she's the warlock vanguard, the armor could prioritize Intellect rolls.

Shaxx should continue to award/sell crucible armor ornaments, both past and new ornaments. And crucible focused mods.

People have suggested tons of good ideas for Amanda like using her to build your own sparrows and ships, customizing their perks, etc.

The cryptarch could be were you go to customize your ghost shells and their perks.

The tower itself could use more things to do. Right now guardians usually only go to the tower for bounties and quest steps. Something like the purple ball or the floor is lava, but new.


2: Shaders- The shader system is a cluttered mess atm. There's too many shaders that don't fit in our inventory so we have to pull shaders from our collections tab on a regular basis. We have to manage our shader inventory to keep them from constantly being sent to the postmaster. There's still no way to "apply all."

Lastly, and I'll admit this is more of a personal opinion, newer shaders need to be more unique. Most new shaders look pretty similar to a shader that's already available, and popular D1 shaders like Glowhoo, Queen's Web, and Superblack haven't been added to D2.

3: Clans- Clans could use some polishing. Smaller clans shouldn't be punished by the weekly cap on individual contribution. Cosmetics for high level clans should be rewards. These rewards should work best when in a fireteam. Such as armor glows that floor brighter when player with your clan. Or emblems that interact with each other when your playing with your clan (best seen when in orbit).

4: Guided Games- This was a good idea at first but Bungie didn't take the time to adjust and fix after it's beta release. It needs more rewards for Sherpas. Checkpoints should be added in so that even if you don't complete the raid during your guided games experience, you can come back to pick up where you left off. Bungie's LFG system that's on the app should be useable in-game.

I know this is a lot, and y'all probably have even more ideas to refine the core parts of the game. I don't expect Bungie drop everything to make these changes, but I hope that bringing them up will get some small changes implemented.

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