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If people can get restrictions due to supposed network issues, we need detailed, robust, and visible statistics in game

destiny2 5 - If people can get restrictions due to supposed network issues, we need detailed, robust, and visible statistics in game

TLDR; I absolutely 100% agree with matchmaking restrictions being placed on consistently poor connections, however, it's difficult to rectify an issue that you personally can't see, and one that you've not been provided any specific detail of. We need more detailed connection info in game, and more detail of the issue if/when a restriction is placed.

Throwing this one out here because I've just been slapped with a temp restriction, and from a look on Twitter/Bungie it looks like I'm not alone.

To cut the back story short, a few weeks back I had the connection warning pop up. Admittedly, for a few days prior it had felt "off" when I was playing but I couldn't tell if it was me, other people, servers, etc. I received the message, removed port forwarding, tried uPnP, did some tests, all felt and looked fine, and went back to playing. Since receiving the warning I've been watching my connection bar in lobbies like as much as possible, and it's seemed absolutely fine. Similarly, in matches I've not felt any issues with hits registering, etc. As far as I was concerned, the problem had been resolved.

Yesterday I was grinding out Gambit because it's the only gilded title I'm likely to get and I hate myself. After switching characters, I highlighted the Gambit node to see a "Access Restricted" line across it, and selecting it gives me a pop up with "Restricted, this account is temp restricted, visit Bungie to learn how to be a Guardian in good standing". I'm a bit surprised by this, and since the ban I've been loading into different modes and looking at the connection bar, and the overwhelming majority of the time it's completely full, with very occasional and brief drops down a notch. I've ran jitter tests, ping tests, speed tests, and all have come back stable.


(Note; I'm making an assumption here that it's due to the prior connection warning, because I didn't get a further pop up advising of the temp ban. I'll hold my hands up, I do tend to hammer through menus etc so I could have immediately accidentally closed it)

This situation has made me reflect on a few things;

1.) There's no way in game to monitor potential connection issues bar looking at a lobby screen which – if you're actually playing the game – is pretty difficult. If there was something more detailed in game (even something as simple as just the connection bar being visible at all times would be helpful!) I, and I assume others, would have taken further steps to resolve the issue. Beyond a simple visible, it'd be really useful if the settings menu had some more detailed network statistics.

2.) The 'Restriction advice' page is too vague. All options are covered there, be it connection, leaving games, overlays, etc, with nothing specific

3.) The lack of specific information in a case makes it nearly impossible to fix a problem. "Network problems" can cover so many different variables. Everything looks stable at my end, all tests come back fine, so what is it I'm looking to fix? As it is I have to wait out the two weeks, start playing again and just hope for the best.

While I'm obviously frustrated on a personal level, I do think it'd be a wise idea for a game where a good chunk of the power grind is reliant on modes in involving PvP to have some clearer ways of communicating network issues, and a clearer pathway to resolving them.

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