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If you don’t like the grind and the upcoming changes to the game’s loot, don’t pre-order. Don’t buy. I promise you’ll be fine.

destiny2 3 - If you don’t like the grind and the upcoming changes to the game’s loot, don’t pre-order. Don’t buy. I promise you’ll be fine.

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • All the cool darkness subclasses will still be there when/if you decide to buy it and when/if Bungie makes the grind tolerable.

  • Sunsetting actually gives you a really good incentive to skip out on entire seasons. Why do that early season grind everyone does? It’s frantic, and it feels like shit. Now you’ll be doing that on top of replacing your gear. Don’t feel like doing all that shit in the fall when you have classes/work? skip it. Just jump on the next power grind. The gear you get from the next season will always be “fresher” than the ones from the current. Bungie has ironically given you a really good reason not to play the game for extended periods of time. Everything is temporary and meaningless.

  • All the cool new content is locked behind a power level grind. Unfortunately, all the cool new content is always the most fun to play from a gameplay perspective. So just wait until the power level jumps up and/or it comes out of the content vault. you really don’t have to be there. Trust me, as someone experiencing a lot of old content for the first time, it feels pretty much the same as new content for the first time. I didn’t watch the avengers for 5 years after it came out and it was still a good movie then.

  • It’ll likely go on sale in a bundle. Hell, if you wait a year for them to make the same annual shakeups they do every year, you’ll probably get this expansion free.


When I saw D2Y1 was shaping up to be a bad experience, I didn’t buy it. People at the time were like “just wait and see” and “2 primaries just had to be done.” Whelp. I didn’t buy the game until they said they were speeding up the sandbox, bringing back specials and adding more customization.

See, Bungie going all in on this “you had to be there” bullshit really makes it so you really don’t have to be there. I could at any point decide I don’t want to play Destiny, and I’d be at roughly the same spot as someone else who did next season.

No accumulating cool roles in your vault, or weird builds, or anything like that. No hidden gems you can dust off and take into end-game. No potential for anything you see to come in clutch a year down the line.

No testing. No mix-and-matching. No obscenely convoluted buildcrafting involving a year or more of collecting small pieces to put something cool together.

You have no reason at any given point to play, so you also have no reason to pay.

So if you have any qualms with the upcoming system, you should especially not pay nor play because the progression system fundamentally encourages you not to.

If you’re fine with it, have a blast. No malice. It’s just not my thing and not some other people’s thing.

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