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If you don’t prepare for Crucible it will feel unfair.

destiny2 4 - If you don't prepare for Crucible it will feel unfair.

I have seen a lot of posts and comments recently talking about how Crucible feels unfair and surprise!!! It is designed that way. Many players jump into Crucible thinking they will be on the same level as their opponent but put zero effort into building their characters, armor,, and weapons to pull off a win. You can't just jump into PVP with warmind cell mods and PVE perk weapons after your strike and expect to have a good time or an advantage on your opponents who have grinded hours upon hours to get the proper PVP gear and weapons for Crucible.

So here are a couple things to consider before you get salty about Crucible gameplay and experience. And WARNING THIS IS A LONG POST. I am not an expert and typed this up on my phone so I apologize and don't have all the exact numbers but I feel confident in sharing this info. In no particular order…

  1. Does your character have 100 recovery stat or close to 100 recovery? This can be achieved by equipping recovery stat mods on your armor for 4 points or by finding and equipping armor with high recovery already in it. I'd you don't you disadvantage yourself and your teammates in gun duels because your opponents can heal up much faster and re-engage you before your health is back.

  2. After 100 recovery do you have over 50 resilience? If you didn't know anything less than 50 resilience drops you into the range of being able to be killed by 2 shots from some weapons instead of 3. That means if you duel 1 on 1, normally, you have to land 3 shots on your opponent and they only have to land 2. Which means if you both have perfect accuracy he will always kill you before you have a chance to kill him if you both shoot at the same time. ( seems unfair to you in the match because you don't understand why you died so fast but to him it's because you were not properly set up. And FYI to us serious Crucible players we will check all the enemies stats and loadouts before the game starts, in the Roster tab to see who the easy prey will be. Looking at you 100 mobility 20 resilience hunter ha ha.)

  3. . What are the perks on the weapons you are using? Does your legendary weapon of choice have PVP perks such as; mutikill clip, killing wind, rampage, swashbuckler, opening shot, Quickdraw or do you have PVE perks like surrounded, Dragonfly, 4th times the charm.. etc ( basically some perks are better than others for PVP and it depends on the weapon you are using. Same goes for PVE).

  4. Are you using the best subclasses, jumps, aspects for stasis, and grenades etc for each character. While it may be fun to play bottom tree dawn blade on warlock you will get outclassed by someone playing the top tree dawnblade if you are strictly playing to win. ( This is assuming of course that each player is skilled enough to pilot both subclasses properly to maximum level. )

  5. Map knowledge. How well do you actually know the maps you are playing on? Do you know where the headshot angles are or common paths players will take? Do you know corners and angles where you will have an advantage on view over you opponent? Do you know every tunnel and where the heavy ammo spawns? How about where the overtime flag will spawn? All of this will be important in determining where you set up, where you push, where you hold and protect. I can't stress enough understanding the maps. The best way to learn them is simply by doing a private match and exploring or just playing and learning from deaths and experience

  6. Have you put into the time and effort to acquire PVP mods from Banshee and then equip them? Mods such as High-Energy Fire, Taking Charge, stacks on stacks, powerful friends, etc… if you didn't know, having just high energy fire and taking charge makes it so you deal more damage until you get a kill after you pick up an orb of light.


Also mods for the weapons you have equiped play a big role such as unflinching "hand cannon" mods, "hand cannon" targeting mods, "x" loader or dexterity mods, "shotgun/sniper "scavenger mods ( equipping one of these makes it so you pick up extra special "green" ammo when you walk over it after a kill. So if I have it and you don't I now have 1 extra shotgun/sniper shot over you and I have the advantage. Which brings us to the next point.

  1. Have you Masterworked you armor and weapons so that you can equipping these mods and increase your armor stats and get orbs of light?

Armor first. If you don't put materials & golfballs into upgrading your armor you won't be able to equip all those mods we just discussed. Also masterworking your armor will give each piece +12 ( +2 for each category) on stats for your character meaning if you masterwork all 5 armor pieces you will get +10 to each stat category on your character. So that 40 resilience becomes 50 just by masterworking your gear.

Now weapons, if you masterwork a weapon it gains stats into 1 category boosting its overall performance. This is how two players can be shooting the same gun, same perks but one shoots farther than the other before damage fall off, or one can reload slightly faster than the other. This is due to the masterwork having a range buff or reload buff for instance. Also after you masterwork a gun it will create orbs of light on precision kills ( head shots) which if you remember gives you and your teammates, whoever picks up the orbs, a damage buff with the proper mods. So when you decide to try out a new gun you just got from gambit or wherever without masterworking it just know you put yourself at a disadvantage against a fully geared player.

8.. Lastly you need to understand your weapons time to kill and kill range. Each weapon has an optimal time you can kill someone. This is based on you correctly landing each gun shot as quickly as possible with 100 percent accuracy. For example 1 head shot and 2 body shots or 2 head shots and 1 body. Some guns are faster at killing than others. 120 hand cannons typically require 3 shots to kill and have a time to kill value of about 1 second, (for the veterans this number is obviously an average but it works for the discussion.) 140 hand cannons are slightly faster at like .9 secs but require you to be closer and sometimes land more shits if you miss the headshot. Pulse rifles and submachine guns can be even faster but require you to land multiple bullets. I am not well versed in each weapons time to kill number, you can Google those later if you are curious, but the point is that if we both have perfect accuracy shooting at each other exactly at the same time. One gun will have an advantage over the other in certain instances. What this means is that you need to learn your guns kill time and look at what your opponents are using to understand theirs.

Also range affects these kill times as well. Pulse rifels and scout rifles can shoot farther than common 120 and 140 hand cannons. So if you pick a fight against a scout rifle down a long corridor with a 140 hand cannon they will most definately beat you before you can get in range to hurt them.

*** Also a last disclaimer, even if you get the proper weapons and guns you still will get beat by good players. This is where the fun of Crucible is. Finding ways to outplay and outsmart your opponent after getting all the proper gear is what makes me come back every day. It's a thrill seeking challenge that I look forward to. And I only have a 1.22KDA so nothing to be boasting about***

Alright this has been a long post but I hope you understand just how much is going on inside of Crucible. Next time you feel like it was an unfair match maybe take a look at your gear and see what you could improve to bring yourself up to your opponents level. I am by no means an expert on this subject unlike many of the great streamers and youtubers I have watched but I feel like the info is pretty valid. Hope it helps. See you in the Crucible Guardians.

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