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If you find yourself constantly saying “I hate Warlock Jump” hop in here and learn how to use it.

destiny2 6 - If you find yourself constantly saying "I hate Warlock Jump" hop in here and learn how to use it.

Tl;Dr – The faster your press "jump" the second time, the higher you'll go. If you're falling slowly, glide will push you toward the ground. If you're falling quickly, glide will catch you in midair. Go test it.

every jump ABILITY has a charge.

Hunters, you get one or two, and they're immediately expended.

Warlocks have the longest charge, but the charge can only regenerate by standing on the ground. and cancelling your jump costs charge. The maximum times you can activate glide without touching the ground is 3, and the last one will be just a little puff.

Titan's jump ability passively recharges at all times. If you could find a spot high enough, you could use lift, burn it out, fall, then use it again to slow yourself. On a warlock you would simply crash.


I play all 3, but was 'lock main for pretty much all of D1. During D1 vanilla i HATED the jump, That is until I spent about an hour learning the ins and outs of how the jump worked, and why it felt so much worse that Titan's.


How You Should Think About The Jump Abilities is important.

Here's the first part people get fundamentally wrong about understanding how to properly the ability.

The only class that can jump more than once without touching the ground, is the Hunter.


Hunter – When you press 'Jump' while airborne, your hunter will effectively "jump" the same as if it just was on flat ground. Everyone understands this.

Titans – Lift feels nice, because it always adds the same amount of upward force to your titan, akin to turning on a jetpack.

Catapult Lift, works as though you're one of those science fair rockets, a controlled explosion of lift that burns out quickly. (Think Ironman with every one of his repulsors pointing downward, and firing at max power immediately.)

Strafe Lift – Works as though you're like Iron man in a T pose, and he can move his arms around for great lateral movement.

High lift – Very controlled slow burn but mostly vertical, so same postion as the first jump, but not firing at max power.

(i.e. Lift is a built in jetpack)



Warlocks, fly using like birds, in that they enhance your current trajectory by adding a great amount of velocity.


When you imagine a normal jumping arch, depending on where you are in that arch will get you the best results. (with one exception)

Beginning of arch, you're building your glide pattern off of the most vertical part of your jump. think of it this way, as soon as your feet leave the ground from a jump, you're already accelerating toward the ground but the force of you jumping is greater than the acceleration force of gravity on you for a bit, so you keep going up, while simultaneously slowing down.

Eventually you'll reach a point where all the force of your jump, is balanced out by gravity, so you are no longer elevating or descending for an instant (that's the apex of your jump, the highest point.)

Then you return to the ground, speeding up until you land. the amount of height you get, is based on how much speed you have when you activate glide.



A jump goes

liftoff-> slow down -> stop (apex) -> speed up -> land

Assume the time from you leaving to landing is one second.

That would put your apex at .5 seconds

When I say warlock jump uses your current velocity, it means this.

if you were to activate glide .1 second after liftoff, you'll go higher than if you activated it at .2. which in turn would go higher than .3, .3 than .4 and on point 5. you'll kind of float without much lift, and a small descent.

i.e. TO GO HIGHER PRESS THE BUTTONS FASTER. (go try it, I'll wait.)

if you are falling in a speed that's slower than you are going just before you land, activating glide will actually speed you up toward the ground.

if you're falling faster than the speed you'd be going when you landed from a regular single jump, then glid will catch you, and you'll stop falling temporarily.

Go ahead, try it out on Nessus. Jump off of the tower, and activate glide when you're about 10 meters off the ground. You'll stop falling where you are abruptly.

Try it on a titan, you'll be falling to quickly for your "jetpack" to keep up, and you'll barely slow before crashing into the ground.

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