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If you haven’t already, give Trustee a spin in PVP

destiny2 9 - If you haven't already, give Trustee a spin in PVP

I used Trustee for a flawless card in Trials today and won every single duel against 120s. Trustee kills faster than 120s, are more forgiving and more effective at >40 meters. Perfect for Rusted Lands.

What if 120s peek shoot? Suppress fire. Just keep your finger on the trigger, shoot where they will pop out and keep strafing. Because you're constantly moving it's harder for the 120 to headshot you popping out of cover, plus they have to deal with flinch. Do it right and you will kill them before they kill you.

If you're playing a FrostBolt type who's Godly with peek shooting, just don't engage. You can't kill them but they can't kill you either, unless you're just standing out there in the open.

In my opinion, on certain maps, Trustee is a great counter to 120s.

Trustee is also quite good against snipers as long as you get the first shot in. Because it fires quickly, there's significant flinch; strafe and head glitch while you shoot for extra safety. When you peek, be sure to slice the pie in case there are two or three snipers ADSing the lane. Once the nerf to sniper flinch rolls out, Trustee will be even better against snipers.

Here are the numbers comparing for Trustee vs 120s:

120 HCs

  • 1.00 second optimal TTK
  • 1.50 second bodyshot TTK
  • 2 crits 1 body for optimal TTK (66%)

260 scouts

  • 0.93 second optimal TTK
  • 1.40 second bodyshot TTK
  • 3 crits 2 body for optimal TTK (60%)

My personal Trustee God roll is different from what most will recommend.

I would go with Smallbore, Steady Rounds, Killing Wind and High Impact Reserves. Stability masterwork and Counterbalance mod. (This is more for console, but probably still applies to PC especially with the upcoming recoil changes.)


I don't think the gun needs more range — I haven't had a problem landing headshots even with lower range rolls.

Because the gun fires quickly and is full auto, high stability helps a lot. Hence Steady Rounds and stability masterwork to get to 78 stability, which makes the gun a laser.

Counterbalance mod brings the recoil stat to 74 which is good enough. Arrowhead isn't needed, especially with stability so high.

I don't like Surplus because in my opinion 1) if playing optimally you should be constantly using your abilities, and 2) I don't like that the gun can feel so different depending on what abilities you have. I prefer consistency that I can control.

Zen Moment and Under Pressure are not needed when stability is already good enough.

Killing Winds is my preferred perk unless you plan to be a laning larry. Get a kill and then reposition for the next kill, or run away to recover health. Movement is what's truly meta in Destiny.

I also like Reconstruction, which makes the Trustee feel like an auto rifle with how long you can suppress fire.

In the last slot, I like HIR for getting double and triple kills. HIR is a mini-rampage for Trustee. When the perk activates you can kill in four shots, or a TTK of 0.74. But please don't dump bullets to get the perk, that's so low class.

Eye of the Storm is a great alternative. Works wonderfully in duels.

I hope this post inspires you to give this scout rifle a try. Every time I've suggested Trustee in a comment on DTG, I was mocked and downvoted. But I truly believe this gun is great and highly underrated.

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