Destiny 2

I’m extremely sick and tired of Eververse

destiny2 4 - I'm extremely sick and tired of Eververse

5OLFg22 - I'm extremely sick and tired of Eververse

Event page has 3 FULL pages of items

R9wgfjO - I'm extremely sick and tired of Eververse

Event NPC has shit

Edit: Thanks for the awards and stuff!

Edit 2: For the people saying, "stop complaining, it's a free event, play if you want to, don't play if you don't want to", oh I'm way ahead of you, I'm not participating in the event whatsoever because the event is nothing more than a cash grab. But you have to realize, this shit is scummy. It's a looter game isn't it? Well how can I obtain loot if most of it is locked behind the store? This needs to change, and how else can it change if we don't "complain"? Really think about it for a second, how else do things in the world change if we don't "complain"? When your boss gives you a pay bump do you think it's because they value you? No. It's because you complained that the pay wasn't enough, and maybe you even threatened to leave, so they decided to give you more. How do you think unfair working conditions get better? Because people "complain" about them. How do you think problems get solved? Because people "complain" about them. Remember when everyone dogged the Sonic movie for how Sonic looked, and it actually got changed from so many people "complaining"? So that's ok, but when it comes to video games it's not ok, and if we complain we're labeled ungrateful, unsatisfied, etc? Lol, gimme a break.


Edit 3: For the people saying, "this is how Bungie makes money", it's funny, people wanna say microtransactions help keep games afloat, but I remember games being very alive and very successful before microtransactions came into the mix. Anybody remember a little title called Halo? All of Bungie's Halo's did phenomenal. All of the Call of Duty games pre-MTX did phenomenal. So yeah.

Edit 4: For the people saying, "it shouldn't be wrong to support your favorite developer", you're missing the point here. It IS wrong when the cosmetics locked behind the Eververse are the ONLY cosmetics in the game. It would be a different story if the EAZ offered you some rewards, and there was also some stuff you can buy from the Eververse, but that is not the case at all.

Edit 5: For the people saying, "it's just cosmetics", it's still content, content which should be earned through playing the game, content which WAS earned through playing the game in D1. But even like I said in Edit 4, the Eververse wouldn't even be so bad if we ALSO had cosmetics that were earned through playing the game.

Edit 6: For the people saying, "it all will be available for Bright Dust", the only main source for Bright Dust is on a weekly lockout. After I do the weekly bounties I can't make any more progress until the next week. You can't generate a consistent flow of income.

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