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IMO: It’s Not That This Season Is Worse Than CoO, Destiny Just Feels Fundamentally Off

destiny2 1 - IMO: It’s Not That This Season Is Worse Than CoO, Destiny Just Feels Fundamentally Off

(After Writing this it became a rant, sorry)

In my opinion, Destiny 2 has felt off from the beginning. I’m not talking about the lack of random rolls at launch, the lack of incentive for older content, or even the seemingly pointless power grind, but something has always felt different about this game when compared to D1.

First thing that comes to mind is the graphics, although they are better and clearer, something about those older graphics makes me feel good.

Another is the Post Game carnage and rewards reports. Just seeing all your gear leveling up made everyone happy, even though I had no idea what was upgrading sometimes. That’s also a key thing that is missing, the leveling of armor and weapons to unlock perks gave more grind time that did not feel pointless because you were using the armor or weapon to upgrade it! But I honestly loved watching that one kid with two kills getting the Gjallerjorn in the Post Game Report 😂.

Also, exotics do not feel the same, and they have not for a while, in D1 every exotic was exciting and made me cross my fingers when i went to that blue bastard to decrypt it. Nowadays I just look at an exotic and ignore it even, the only difference in any new exotic I cab get is a little more intellect or strength. Exotics just don’t pull the player in or give mysticism anymore like talking to Xur did in D1.

Playing off of Xur, he is the most underutilized character in the game besides ikora and holiday. Xur was amazing in D1 with glass needles and selling ornaments. But, now he seems stupid because he sells exotics everyone has for legendary shards that i have thousands of. Strange coins were harder to come by and stockpile since you commonly used them.


Now, onto Eververse. I believe that eververse is the root cause of the recession of the looter shooter within Destiny. Bungie I get that you have a specific branch for eververse designs but time and time again eververse gets more content than the actual fucking season. It’s fucking ridiculous. Every single time I look at these sparrows and ships that could have been used to make people actually play ur fucking raids and dungeons!

It fucking baffles me how I can spend 60 dollars on your season pass along with shadowkeep and you sell me items that could have gone in the content I bought, but also for the same price as free to play players?????

Im tired of this shit, remember the hype around getting nano phoenix???? Yea just throw that away because there are no cosmetics in the Garden of No Heavies. These constant excuses of “oh we need to pay for yaghta yaghta” need to stop because I an not paying more for a god damn emote than I an for this fucking season. But honestly I think I would get more entertainment out of an emote than doing that god forsaken seraph tower even for the 50th time.

I’m trying Bungie, we are trying. But if all our items are being ripped away at every turn it makes us feel unrewarded. What if there were flawless rewards at 3 6 and 9 flawless runs. And at each one you get an ornament?? Nope not gonna happen because instead of that we are going to sell them and give not even adept weapons but some pretty colors for you! And guess what!!!!! Every single trials piece is a reskin.

For fucks sake I’m tired of this. I need original content that does not feel half assed. Take a year to rework the systems and create a better game, it’s clear that you guys need the time and the seasonal model is too much work. Please fix this game Bungie, I love it too much to watch it die.

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