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In a few weeks, we’re going to lose 21 Season of Dawn guns to sunsetting. Here is the list & existing replacements or gaps

destiny2 8 - In a few weeks, we're going to lose 21 Season of Dawn guns to sunsetting. Here is the list & existing replacements or gaps

Once this season ends, 21 legendary guns will be sunset and can no longer be infused to a higher level. Unless Bungie re-releases them and makes you grind for the EXACT gun you already had, here is the list of guns going:

Uriel's Gift – Only Arc auto left. Only 450 special in the game. You can use the 2 Halloween guns as your 450, but they're both kinetic.

Steelfeather Repeater – Only 720 kinetic. Arctic Haze will be the only 720 auto remaining. EDIT – Meant to say Arctic Haze only world pool since you can do a bounty from Variks. Reckless Oracle is in the Garden raid.

Patron of Lost Causes – Nightwatch will still be viable, different perk pool but a 200 scout

Infinite Paths 8 – Chattering Bone will be the last 450 pulse, and it's kinetic. Jian is the arc pulse rifle remaining

Old Fashioned – Dire Promise is around for 1 more season

Jack Queen King 3 – Nation of Beasts from Last Wish is the exact gun & element

Breachlight – No 325 Sidearm replacement

Buzzard – Drang still works, but a special & can get it out of collections

Travelers Judgment & Last Hope – Although Traveler's is not an Omolon sidearm, Last Dance replaces these

Hawthorne's Shotgun – Not the same, but Toil & Trouble is the only kinetic world drop pellet gun. Astral Horizon is a Trials weapon

Perfect Paradox – No replacement. Leaves 3 kinetic shotguns, with 2 coming from end game activities (Astral & Heritage which is a slug from the raid). Special shotguns still have options


Python – Felwinter's if it were obtainable. Otherwise, it's the last Aggressive energy shotgun

Martyr's Retributon – Deafening Whisper is the second Wave Frame GL in the game

Elatha & Gallant Charge – Solar fusions, but Glacioclast & Exile's Curse remain for 860 fusions

Trophy Hunter – No replacement. Only void sniper currently, only Aggressive energy sniper. It's already a major hole in the inventory since it can't currently be obtained

Mos Epoch & Pyroclastic Flow – Not that rockets are used, but Subzero Salvo is easily obtained

Line in the Sand & Komodo – Corsair's Wrath will be the only LFR not sunset

As we saw with the first wave of sunsetting, there are a LOT of gaps in our inventory without replacements. And we're about to lose a few decent guns. Trophy Hunter, Breachlight, Perfect Paradox & Uriel's are specific losses that put big gaps in our inventory.

Also, if we've learned from Bungie's lack planning, we know that some CURRENT guns may be unobtainable in the future. Corsair's Wrath will be the only LFR, Deafening Whisper is the only wave frame…. both obtained from hunts. Make sure you grab a decent one in case we lose them in future loot pools (similar to Trophy Hunter)

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