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In addition to “damage” bugs from enemies, their AI “level” has changed since this season launched.

destiny2 8 - In addition to "damage" bugs from enemies, their AI "level" has changed since this season launched.

In case people are not aware, activities have many many levels of AI and it governs a fair amount of things. Accuracy, moves, sometimes HP can be associated with it as well. I'll explain in in some detail.

For the most part, I just sum up AI as "high level" or "low level".

Low level AI tends to rarely use abilities, have a low HP meter, have poor tracking abilities, and generally de-aggros pretty consistently (invisibility is one example of this). Their firerate tends to be average or even slow.

High level AI tends to spam abilities more, do the super roll dodges when you shoot your bullets (I call this the Halo AI, Elites rolled in Halo one on higher difficulties just by being scoped on), maintain aggression through invisibility, and track you while in midair. They also tend to have faster fire rates on their guns than their lower level counterparts.

To newer/less endgame inclined players, this might be a rare occurrence for you, but for now, let's just say Endgame is 1. Master level activities 2. Dungeons and 3. Raids (though Raids seem to have less rigorous AI than 1/2 from time to time).

Quick examples of this AI are every Hive Knight that does a barrel roll when you shoot a Grenade Launcher at them, the Acolytes in Pit of Heresy, the Snipers in Bergusia forge, and every Champion in a Master+ Strike. You will especially notice that they break the rules for their gun firing patterns- Barrier Champions for Cabal (miniguns) no longer have spinups, Hobgoblins have almost no cooldown on their retaliation swarms, Snipers rapid fire, and so on.


Normally for the most part, this is all fine and dandy, with a few exceptions existing (Hive barrel rolls are stupid, miniguns not having to ramp makes a colossus 100-0 you rather quickly, and some other extreme examples).

However, since this season launched, almost all enemies in all activities have high level AI. Hive are constantly barrel rolling, all enemies are tracking through the air, and aggression is even being maintained in lower level activities. I won't say EVERY enemy is broken, but a fair amount of activities that should not be considered "endgame level" (ie, Adept Nightmare Hunts) are having enemies with this level of AI at least somewhat intact. Invis tracking is on par with a dungeon, some champions are skipping their cooldowns like you would see in a Master level activity, and so forth.

I realize this concept is very abstract, and it's not something stated much throughout the game, but I hope this shapes it in a way that makes it understandable. If you have any questions or clarifications where I messed up, I welcome them- I've probably butchered a fair amount of this just trying to get the message out.

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