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“In short, Ulan-Tan’s biggest sin was telling a ruling warrior class that their war was unwinnable.” The Story and Theory of Ulan-Tan,

destiny2 5 - "In short, Ulan-Tan's biggest sin was telling a ruling warrior class that their war was unwinnable." The Story and Theory of Ulan-Tan,


That's the thing, isn't it? No one wants to listen. They only pay attention once you're dead.

Ulan-Tan was the greatest mind of his time, and so, of course, he was wholly overlooked. You did not even give him the crown of a heretic—not until he was already gone.

You had him! But he slipped beneath your notice. And now that he's gone, you parrot his ideas like they're your own. You say the words! You play the part! Some of you even wear the costume.

I hear you describe him as he must have been in life. His bright face. His shining bond. Every tile he stepped on turned to gold, and everyone sang his praises in the streets.

Jackals! He was threadbare and haggard! He was mocked for his meandering rants! You've dug up his grave to chew on his bones; you've twisted his words into something false. Something yours. There's no substance to you. You preach the sermon, but you will not—could not!—live the teaching. Not as I have.

This is not what his genius deserved.

Bond Of Reciprocity 2018

Ulan-Tan, the controversial warlock known for his theories of Symmetry, is remembered for his arguments on the nature of "the darkness" alongside other philosophers and figures who lived to see the collapse of the Golden Age.

Something hit us. Killed our Golden Age. Nearly wiped us out. Only the Traveler saved us, and at a shattering cost.

The Speaker tells of a cosmic force that swept over us and caused the Collapse. Legend calls it the Darkness, the Traveler's ancient enemy, which hunted it across space.

All we have left are questions. Centuries of debate gave birth to competing arguments on the nature of the Darkness and the Collapse.

The Pujari Position describes the Darkness as a force with both physical and moral presence, an actualization of evil. Pujari art depicts the Darkness as a great storm, or as a change in conduct, a corruption that emerged from within and poisoned the Golden Age.

Saint-14's Position argues that the Darkness was an invading armada, an alien force of incredible – but tangible – power. Some adherents believe that this armada sprang from species rejected or discarded by the Traveler for their sins.

Ulan-Tan's Thesis considers the Darkness a necessary symmetry to the Traveler in a cosmic balance. In this view, the Traveler's goodness led it to sacrifice for others, and it is up to us to return this goodness by healing the Traveler.

The Monist Position, or the Deflationary Position, considers the Darkness as a technologically sophisticated force, perhaps a post-Singularity intelligence. Adherents invoke information theory or contend that the universe is a simulation, allowing advanced intelligence to gain weakly acausal powers by bending the rules.

The Acataleptic Clause claims that we are intrinsically unable to understand the Darkness. In many respects this belief parallels the Praxic Creed, which suggests that we should stop worrying about the nature of the Darkness and focus on resisting and defeating it.

Certain positions – often labeled heretical – imply that the Traveler itself triggered the Collapse, or that it knew the Darkness was coming for it and hoped to use the Solar System as a sacrifice or a proxy army. The Binary Star cult is one notable example.

The Darkness 2015

And now, five years later…

Before the invention of the doctrine of Symmetry, the prevailing framework for talking about the Darkness was a moral one. Dark Age scholars directly mapped the paracausal forces to our preexisting moral codes. That is to say, they thought that and . For them, the connection was innate. This was a natural assumption, given how the Darkness had razed the known worlds, and how the Traveler had saved humanity from destruction.

However, once the dust from the Collapse settled, it became possible for City Age scholars to broaden their historical gazes. For the first time, they studied the Darkness from a holistic perspective, rather than a moral one. Most of these proto-Symmetrists hedged their theses by stating, as Mornighan put it in "Darkness Enlightened":

"Though it may be true that the Darkness is a necessary Evil, we may countenance its existence by acknowledging that it gives way at all times to the force of Good. For wherever the Light shines, the Darkness recedes before it."

It was in this intellectual space that Ulan-Tan first proposed the doctrine of Symmetry. His hypothesis discarded the Dark Age premise that the Darkness and Light were moral in nature. Instead, he postulated that our moral understanding of Light and Darkness were subjective experiences of absolute forces.

If one accepts that the concepts of Light/Darkness and Good/Evil are not perfectly aligned, then there must necessarily exist liminal spaces where and . If true, it would be the ultimate triumph of moral relativism. It was this (yet unspoken) tangent of Symmetry that the Vanguard found to be so threatening.

—Excerpts from "Ulan-Tan, Heretic Saint"

Solstice Mark (Magnificent) 2020

the transcripts of his theories are as follows…

"To have Light, we must have Dark. This is the symmetry of the Universe." —Controversial Warlock Ulan-Tan

I propose a simple experiment—look around. You see light. You see darkness. There could not be one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin.

If it is true for these Newtonian echoes, why would it not be true of the purest, paracausal forms?

Therefore, I conclude: the reason you persecute me is not because of the symmetry. It's because of the truth beyond this truth, the truth which you most dread: if we could destroy darkness, but we had to give up our Light to do so, how many of us would make that trade?

Symmetry Flight 2017

Launching with destiny 2 was this ship echoing Ulan's theories. It seems no mater how far along we are in our story, the echoes of symmetry continue to follow us.

And then, a whisper

"The demiurge of the Hive is the worm; the demiurge of the Vex is the thought; the demiurge of the Fallen is the Ether, which is survival; the demiurge of the Cabal is authority. These are the things, both constraint and power, which define the universe of possible actions. These are the rule makers and instruments which enforce reality.

Give a power to a Guardian and they shall know that power as a weapon, for when a Guardian chooses to alter the world, they do so with the bullet and the blade. Grant a Guardian godly power, and that Guardian shall fashion it into a perfect rifle. The demiurge of the Guardian is the gun.

But we must remember that the demiurge is not the god. It is only the thing that converts perfect divine will into imperfect material form. We may wield the demiurge; but if we do, what god wields us?" —Ulan-Tan

A Thousand Wings 2018

We receive a whisper coming from the grove of Ulan-Tan. Is this just a coincidence? Could the darkness be inviting us into this mission through the doors of a guardian who preached the art of symmetry in the universe, that neither the light or the dark, that neither the host or their guest in this mission be evil?

Two months later in the mission "Ace in the hole" we listen to Cayde for the last time as he speaks to his potential killers.



"This one's for the minds behind the Deep Stone Crypt. You think just 'cause you made me, you can unmake me? Hey, I understand. I were you, I wouldn't want people knowing what I did either. Guess you better hope I didn't tell anyone about the crypt. Or about the, uh, what was it? Oh yeah… Long Slow Whisper. 'Cause if I did, that would be real bad for you, huh? I may be dead, but I guarantee you ain't heard the last of me."

Ace In The Hole 2018

Clovis Bray is considered to be the man who Cayde is speaking to in this quote. Clovis heard a whisper, and with it came the secrets of the Deep Stone Crypt. With Beyond Light we will finally learn the secrets of the Deep Stone Crypt, while we do not know if this story will be directly related to the pyramid ships or not, it may be logical to think they are connected if the location of the crypt is in fact on Europa with the active pyramid ship.

Let's go back to why we have been kept from embracing the darkness through grimoire that dates as far back as 2015 and as recent as today.

The Silencing Of Ulan-Tan

The knock-on effects of Ulan-Tan's Symmetry theory were wide reaching. They likely extended much further than Ulan-Tan himself ever intended. The idea of Light and Darkness as amoral, interdependent forces led to some extremely inconvenient questions. Chief among those was the following: If the Light and Darkness were interdependent, how could one ever "defeat" the Darkness?

As Ulan-Tan himself said, "I wish the Light could 'win,' as you put it. But we must accept that it's just not that simple."

This became a thorny subject for the Guardians, who had spent centuries asserting their combat capabilities. Inherent in their militarism was the idea that victory, or at least self-defense, was possible. However, if their use of the Light simply prompted the spontaneous generation of Darkness somewhere else in the universe, then their military efforts were inherently futile. They were simply propagating an eternal stalemate at the expense of their own pain and suffering.

In short, Ulan-Tan's biggest sin was telling a ruling warrior class that their war was unwinnable.

—Excerpts from "Ulan-Tan, Heretic Saint"

Solstice Cloak (Majestic) 2020

Here begins the push back against those who follow the word of Ulan-Tan. We see here that as these theories begin to gain traction, it irritates those who work protect against what they claim to be evil, and that these theories only slow down our mission of good over evil. And who would this harm more than anyone? Our Vanguard…

While Ulan-Tan was certainly unpopular within the ranks of the Guardians, he became persona non grata with the publication of a pamphlet entitled, "Finding Light in the Darkness." Though it was anonymously authored, the ideas within were widely credited to Ulan-Tan, and he bore the consequences of its publication. The most provocative ideas within the pamphlet were as follows:

"Light cannot exist without Darkness! They are a bonded pair. They beget each other in eternal Symmetry. They are as One!"

"If we claim Knowledge from Sister Light, then we must also claim Knowledge from Brother Dark. The Traveler shares only half of Life. Darkness provides the rest! We must know the Dark to know ourselves. We must Balance or Perish!"

The idea of embracing the Darkness, even to learn from it, was the final provocation. One that the Vanguard could not let stand. So, while the true provenance of the document remains unknown, punishment was meted out against Ulan-Tan for having "let the cat out of the bag."

Though authorities throughout the system attempted to discredit Ulan-Tan, essentially forcing him into hermitage for the latter half of his life, it speaks to the persuasiveness of his ideas that Symmetry is still a widely studied philosophy. It remains as controversial (some would say "heretical") today as it was during its inception.

—Excerpts from "Ulan-Tan, Heretic Saint"

Solstice Bond (Majestic) 2020

An excerpt from a pamphlet filled with provocative ideas credited to Ulan-Tan, expressing the idea of embracing the darkness is cited as a pivotal moment in the extinguishing of these ideologies, specifically, with the Vanguard…

And so, from the Ghost Fragment: The City Age 2015…..

"And so it is agreed. The Concordat shall no longer be recognized among the Consensus. We'll begin the dismantling right away. But what of those Guardians who have pledged to them? We can't afford any more banishments."

"I'm sure Zavala can see to their realignment."

"We'll do our best. Lysander chose his followers wisely. It may take some time."

"Lysander will not back down. He'll continue his crusade from wherever we stuff him."

"And so we'll need to find some new ideas to replace his."

"The Symmetry has been gaining a strong following…"

"Ulan-Tan's teachings are too dangerous. Too much fear. Who knew he'd be more trouble dead than alive?"

"We'll need to refocus our collective minds on combat. The Speaker's anxious to regain ground we lost after the Gap."

"There is the War Cult."

"Too secretive. Have you ever tried to talk to one of their 'soldiers'? Like a child. Answering questions with questions."

"They are dedicated to the war."

"Which one?"

"Good question."


"They seem focused. Strong. More interesting than worrisome."

"Let's take it to a vote. All in favor of the ascension of the Future War Cult?"

"Unanimous? Good. We'll grant the Future War Cult access to the Tower and a seat among us. Ghost, please offer the Speaker this proposal."

"Now onto the next order of business…Shaxx is here with another proposal for his Crucible."

Lysander, Leader of The Concordant, a faction removed from the consensus and booted from the tower for its radical ideas based on the theory of symmetry created by the great Warlock Ulan-Tan. Lysander as we learned obtaining his sparrow in Destiny 1, left the tower and it is said he still holds a small gathering outside the walls of the city.

At this time we had no idea how strong the theory of Symmetry was. It has since become clear, it was enough of a threat that the Vanguard agreed to eliminate its biggest following and replace it with a faction dedicated to war, something they too are dedicated to. And with it, they hope to stop the word of Ulan-Tan and guardians from Using the darkness. Zavala and the Vanguard have been sure to keep us devoted to war and disregard the word of Symmetry.

"In the darkness, light shines more brightly, and where light shines, it casts a shadow."

"You do not hate me. You hate the idea that I might be right."

"Whatever came for us… it will come again. That is the nature of symmetry."

"I propose a simple experiment—look around. You see light. You see darkness. There could not be one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin."

"One day you will realize… Light alone is not enough."

They will all listen now,

Thank you for reading,

– A Disciple of Symmetry

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