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Introducing Raid Dad for iOS

destiny2 7 - Introducing Raid Dad for iOS

Quick and easy download: Raid Dad for iOS (App Store link)

A while back my friends and I posted about a web application we made called Raid Dad.

Raid Dad (Destiny Analysis Dashboard 😉), is a tool to give you at-a-glance information about your fireteam's loadouts, builds, and stats, to help coordinate for Destiny raids and activities.

Today we're announcing that we've brought that same great experience to a more portable and mobile form: Raid Dad for iOS (App Store link).

The app is 100% free and brings some great features:

  1. Import Current Fireteam: Once you've logged in, your fireteam members will automatically show up in the member picker, ready to be selected. This also aids in adding anyone who's not in your clan.Note: There does seem to be some delay in the Bungie API for loading this (maybe 1 to 2 minutes or so), but it has worked great in testing (even with 12 person raids 😂).
  2. Auto-Refresh: The app will automatically refresh every 60s so there's up to date information on people's loadouts. We'd like to refresh anytime someone changes gear, but that's not really possible with the Bungie API.
  3. Add Anyone: You can just search for someone's name (not in your clan) and they'll pop up in the Other Guardians section at the bottom of your clan list. Sadly if their name is generic, or used a lot, it might be harder to find the right one. We'd love feedback on how to make this easier!
  4. Multitasking Support: On iPads, multitasking is fully supported, so if you'd like to run Raid Dad on one half of the screen, and maybe something like DIM on the other, it should work great.
  5. Initial Apple M1 Support: This app even works on new Apple M1 computers! There are some bugs, but it works pretty great so far and we'll be continuing to iterate on it!

Being on a separate device from a web browser vends a lot of flexibility, I've run this on my iPad next to my desk when I'm raiding and it's really great (no more alt-tabbing!).


There are no plans for Android devices unfortunately (making this iOS version was already a bunch of work), but the web interface ( works great on those devices and we will be iterating as much as we can on both Web and iOS to make it even better.

Version 1.0.0 is live in the App Store right now and 1.0.1 is en route very shortly with some notable fixes:

  1. Landscape on iPhone devices is kinda broken, this will be fixed in version 1.0.1.
  2. Tapping your name in the top left corner will cause it to shrink and turn yellow (yes this is hella weird, but it'll be fixed).

Other known issues:

  1. Parsing out Stasis subclass and fragments is being worked on, but not fully functional. Only subclass names will be displayed for now.
  2. Loading your current fireteam does have a delay due to the Bungie API, but does work after waiting 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Login / logout in the same session is still prone to breaking (just restart the app if after you login and it doesn't load your username up top). If this still doesn't work, logging out of within Safari and then re-logging in via RaidDad should work.
  4. Steam names with Destiny symbols will not render (this is a limitation on the API itself, issue being tracked here).
  5. We only built this with English to start, so if you want to help with translating, let us know!
  6. Offline members are sorted in two chunks (I made the mistake of sorting alphabetically and by capitalization, oops)

This app has been a labour of love from many of us in the Meow Pew Pew Discord and we hope you enjoy it. We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts here (please don't post them in our Discord 😅), and if you'd like to play Destiny with us, feel free to join our Discord!


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