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Is Rampage Useless? – A PvP Guide to Damage Perk Selection for Every Weapon Archetype

destiny2 3 - Is Rampage Useless? - A PvP Guide to Damage Perk Selection for Every Weapon Archetype

Titan version: Kill Clip good. Pictures

TL; DR for Warlocks and Hunters: Kill Clip is the best in most situations, but not all, for getting a major buff quickly and easily. Swashbuckler is really good in a melee-centric build, but often underwhelming at x1 and x2. Rampage and Multikill Clip have archetypes that work great with them but are mainly not worth your time. Surrounded in PvP is much harder to proc and to use successfully than kill clip for the same buff. Bad archetypes can turn into meta weapons with damage perks active. Meta archetypes usually gain smaller benefits from damage perks but can still be useful. If a damage perk is not altering TTK, another perk in the slot could increase range or stability to hit headshots easier without the need for a kill first.

Damage Perks. Who NEEDS 'EM?

A question I found myself asking a lot in Destiny 2 is:

Does this damage perk even decrease my time-to-kill with this weapon?

This question was asked so frequently between my last two brain cells that one finally got the courage to open up excel and figure it out. Using the data mostly gathered by /u/mercules904, I calculated how each damage perk would theoretically impact the number of crits or body shots needed to kill a guardian at 192 health or 6 resilience for each archetype of primaries. I have compiled this data in a few ways for those that learn differently: a quick glance set-up which ranks all damage perks on a scale from 1-7 with legend attached, the TTK with the damage perk active, and the difference the damage perk makes in TTK. The last two work best together in my opinion, and the first is a good way to see what precision will be required to get the optimal TTK with the damage perk active.

General Notes before we start:

1 Some damage perks are not realistic for PvP:

  • Multikill Clip x3 is a rare sight and even rarer is the opportunity to use it before more of the team kills you or the round of Elim ends….

  • Rampage x3 suffers the same as Multikill Clip x3. Fighting tight timers and utilizing cover is needed to get it turned up. I think Cerridius is the only one seeing this one often.

  • Swashbuckler x5 is way more likely than Swash x3 and x4.

  • Surrounded is rough to get activated without the three opponents teamshotting but seems to be the “easiest to activate” by not requiring a kill – don't be fooled by this. You'll be out of a damage perk right after the first kill. A surrounded and kill clip roll could be really interesting on a sidearm or smg though.

2 Pulse Rifles’ and other burst weapons’ TTKs work very differently. If you are not reducing the number of bursts needed to kill, the perk is only making headshots less necessary (which can still be good). That’s why the pulse rifle tables are so different.

3 These values were calculated from data from /u/mercules904. I trust his original TTKs, but I assumed a linear relationship between bullets fired and TTK which probably is slightly different in real game scenarios. E.g. if there was one less bullet needed in an 8-bullet standard TTK, I used (7/8*TTK) to get the new theoretical TTK.

4 These are all OPTIMAL kill times. Range and inaccuracy can hit a lot of these very hard.


—–Hand Cannons—–

For 140 and 150 RPM hand cannons, no single damage buff can make them two tap, but everything except Swash x1 can make them 2c1b instead of 3c. These hand cannons need another damage buff like inertia override or empowering rift to achieve that mythical two tap. I have seen

use the Swashbuckler x5 and Inertia Override combo to achieve a rare 150 RPM hand cannon two tap before. Let me know if there’s interest in exploring the possibility of two damage perks stacked like this in a similar way as these tables.

180 RPMs do great with Multikill Clip, where the first-tier grants enough to reduce the TTK as much as Kill Clip with the ability to refresh and better than Rampage x1 and Swashbuckler x2. Rampage and Swashbuckler should probably be avoided for these.

110 RPMs love Rampage. One of the few archetypes that use Rampage well. Reloading can be huge pain points with this archetype so Multikill Clip and Kill Clip can be slow to activate (this can be a good thing in slower playlists however).

—–Auto Rifles—–

Kill Clip looks amazing on all archetypes, but actually is tied with Multikill Clip in TTK if you hit 1 more headshot for 360 and 600 RPM autos. High Impact frames like Halfdan-D with Kill Clip or Multikill Clip will bring the ordinary 600 RPM kill time to some crazy ranges.


450 RPM Precision frames really show their weakness here with their Kill Clip TTK looking like the base Adaptive TTK without the range benefits of the High Impact frames.

Hopefully, we get another 720 RPM Rapid Fire frame with Kill Clip and good range soon because I love my Valakadyn with these traits. Such an underrated archetype currently because Adaptives just outshine in most ways.


Kill Clip and Swash x5 can have major impact for all SMGs. If Surrounded gets buffed to needing only 2 guardians near, it could easily be an amazing perk on these.

Lightweight 900 RPM SMGs with Multikill Clip look really good for the accurate shot, but Kill Clip will give the same TTK for less effort.


I will definitely be looking forward to a Rapid-Fire 260 RPM frame with Multikill Clip or a Lightweight 200 RPM frame with Kill Clip after seeing this.

High Impact 150 RPM frames follow the same path as their Hand Cannon counterparts. Hey Frostbolt, when is the High Impact 2 tap video coming?

Precision 180 RPM frames? KC all day, of course.

These numbers suffer a little from this assuming an optimal TTK, which is really unrealistic for sidearms. Dead Man Walking XX7463 (a suros rapid fire 450 RPM sidearm) with Kill Clip looks to gain 0, but it takes the body shot only TTK and nearly halves it.

did a great showcase of this weapon if you would like to see it in action.

The new Seraph sidearm is a lightweight 360 RPM frame that can get Surrounded. Although very difficult to get the perk active, it does lower that TTK by a good bit.

The 325 RPM Aggressive Bursts feel great without the damage perk. It already allows for 2 body shots in its optimal TTK but most will help relax that even more if you want them.

The Apaptive and Omolon burst 491 RPM sidearms look tempting but the difficulty of hitting that optimal TTK is insane. It looks like Kill Clip or Multi-Kill Clip would turn that 2 burst into a much easier reality, so those perks may not be as useless as the data here shows.

—–Pulse Rifles—–

The Lightweight 450 RPM frame row really surprised me. Sacred Provenance with Kill Clip is loved dearly it seems but you are really only converting headshots needed to body shots with no TTK difference. I think the consistency and ease of use of the weapon with Kill Clip active must be the real factor for most people as it normally requires 8 crits to kill.

Rapid fire 540 RPM frames (e.g. Claws of the Wolf) and Multikill Clip sounds like a beautiful match. Too bad only Rampage and Kill Clip can be gotten on this archetype right now.

Rampage on Adaptive 390 RPM frames (e.g. Bygones) seems to be

as it is recommended as a worse alternative to kill clip by FallOutPlays here but is really only adding range since it cannot reduce the number of bursts needed until the third tier. Getting the right damage perk on Adaptive and Rapid Frames is huge to get them capable of those 2 bursts. Edit: This is actually incorrect. 6 crits with rampage x1 will kill all guardians. I will update the imgur album tonight.

Other archetypes are for ease of use only. 340 RPM High Impacts should not be looked over though as they have the fastest TTK that is really slowed down by how hard it is to get the all crits optimal TTK (soon to be 5c1b next season). Kill Clip turns them into extremely reliable 0.67s monsters.



In PvP, reloading is almost never an option so our beloved Kill Clip is out of the equation completely along with MultiKill Clip. Does Rampage or Swashbuckler look any better? Not really. For all archetypes, it takes 2-3 stacks of Rampage and 3-4 stacks of Swashbuckler to see any TTK movement. If reducing a crit to a body is worth a whole perk slot to you then these perks are good (unless it is High Impact with Swashbuckler).

A Swashbuckler Adaptive Frame with a melee-centric build could be a very interesting way to melt the competition and stretch out that ammo even more though.

Killing Tally for 21% Delirium follows the Multikill Clip damage numbers pretty closely (not exactly sure on this one), which does make me want to use that in PvP more. Keep in mind this optimal kill time requires a lot of headshots though!

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