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It’s Cold Outside, and That’s Super! [A Guide to Spamming Winter’s Wrath Like a Compulsive Caffeine Addict Makes Coffee]

destiny2 3 - It's Cold Outside, and That's Super! [A Guide to Spamming Winter's Wrath Like a Compulsive Caffeine Addict Makes Coffee]

Imagine A World Where You See “ Casts WINTER’S WRATH!”

Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing by itself.

But Starbuck’s didn’t get to where it is today with quality. No, it got here by getting its super back as fast as humanly possible, killing everyone in the immediate area, and claiming the region by Rite of Strength*.

Now it’s your turn to make frappes, with this hipster build that you can bring into the mainstream and make all the other folks who use it go “I was doing it before it was cool”.

Except this is Stasis! So it’s always cool! Unlike this post for having made that joke

Also the coffee analogy doesn’t actually work, and I haven’t had my morning cup, so I’ll probably stop**.

* Claim not verified.

** No promises

Ok So What Do I Need?

Well here’s the fun thing, the build is actually kinda customizable! To make the build ‘work’ in the same way your first car ‘worked’ after the engine started making weird noises you only need 2 things, meaning I consider a ‘need’ to be something that makes it worth playing.So I will give you the ‘needs’, then just give you ways to improve it! I do not recommend playing the setup at its most basic, though. It’s playable, but far from great.

  • Shadebinder! – (Stasis Warlock)

Unless you managed to unlock Winter’s Wrath and both of Warlock’s Aspects on Titan or Hunter in which case uh… Sure?

  • Coldsnap Grenade – (Third Grenade)

  • 2x Stasis Aspects

  • Iceflare Bolts – (First Aspect)

  • Frost Pulse – (Second Aspect)

  • 4x Stasis Fragments
  • Whisper of Bonds – (Required)

  • Whisper of Hedrons – (Semi-Required)

  • Whisper of Refraction – (Good-But-Not-Required)

  • Whisper of Torment – (Decent But Replaceable)

  • Nezerac’s Sin – (Exotic Helm)

“What hold u-” Yes. Nezerac’s Sin.

  • Any Primary weapon with either:
  • Wellspring

  • Demolitionist

  • At least 4 different Charged With Light (CWL) mods
  • Taking Charge

  • Supercharged

2 – 3 of the following:

  • Stacks on Stacks

  • <Type> Charge

  • Energy Converter

  • Protective Light

Ok, I Have or don’t, thanks to Banshee’s dementia It All… But I Wanna Make it Better!

Easy! I’ll explain everything later, if you care.

First, the Seasonal Mod, Glacial Inheritance!

Dear Traveler it’s good. 15-30% super back pretty much every time!

For Charged With Light:

  • You can either choose to double-down on EC or PL with a <type> Charge for far more consistency (I recommend PL if you do this just cause it’s good. But EC if you wanna go all in)


  • You can take <type> Charge and ignore Stacks on Stacks. I know this seems weird, you’ll find that if you run both EC and PL, having only 1-2 stacks more consistently with occasionally 3-4 is better. It’s much less flashy, but it means that you’ll always have a charge or two for PL.
  • Note: You could also drop Supercharged instead and keep Stacks on Stacks. That way you will have 2 stacks almost always. Your EC is guaranteed to be extremely low in this case, but it will basically always be up for a proc.

For Primary Weapons I Recommend the Following:

  • Brass Attacks – (Sidearm – Aggressive Burst – Current Season)

  • Gnawing Hunger – (Autorifle – Adaptive – World Drop) Bonus: You probably already have this roll if you played Arrivals

<<The next two are odd, explained later>>

  • Vouchsafe – (Scout – Lightweight – Dreaming City)

  • Imperial Needle – (Bow – Lightweight – Current Season)


For general play:

  • Blasphemer – (Shotgun – Precision – Pit of Heresy / Altar of Sorrow)

  • Heritage – (Shotgun – Precision – Deepstone Crypt)

  • Succession – (Sniper – Aggressive – Deepstone Crypt)

  • Especially good due to having Reconstruction and seasonal AB rounds
  • Literally anything you want depending on content. Like Izanagi’s Burden. Your exotic slot is open, buddy!


  • Intellect – At least 60, more than 80 is a bit of a waste

  • Discipline – Try and get at least 80. 100 is ideal, but not if it costs too much elsewhere

  • Recovery – Try and keep it at least 40, since under 40 there’s massive loss. More is nice.

  • Strength – At least 40 is nice, don’t worry too much. Your melee can actually kill stuff sometimes, which is not what you want. If you have ‘spare stats’ at this point, I’d put it into Recovery. Personal preference here.

Aaaand, You’re Done!

Yep, that’s it. Go shoot things, cast spells, repeat. Get Super, use Super, kill, Super ends, get back super, repeat.


Just make sure to kill frozen targets, and let them get frozen by your frosty little chasers first!

Did I mention this build will be better when said frosty bois are buffed next week to track much better? Cause it will be!

Great! One Question: Why <X>?

This is basically an FAQ / explanation of reasoning / stuff I didn’t wanna put above since it’d bloat the post.

Why is Needle / Vouchsafe Weird?

The issue here is that they’re a scout and a bow (And if you decide to get Bottom Dollar… I guess that, too?). This isn’t the worst thing except that their CWL mod is Precision Charge. Precision Charge is a 2 cost void CWL mod that not only reduces your intellect by 10 but also requires that all kills for the multikill be precision final blows. It’s just not reasonable, and not worth taking. This is also why when I mentioned <type> Charge earlier I only included Solar and Arc.

If you’re not using a <type> charge, they’re actually really good since they’re seasonal weapons. Between the two the bow is especially good since it lets you equip AB rounds for a sniper (like with Heritage with Thresh or just Izzy!) instead of needing Overload Sword. Hell, if you use a Heritage and equip Leviathan’s Breath you have all 3 champions covered (and you’re using 2 bows like a weirdo).

Speaking of specials:

Why are You Using Thresh?

Because Thresh is better on specials than primaries.

Since specials do 5% more (stacks with WoH) to frozen targets in PvE (and primaries do 5% less).

Since WoB only gives super when a frozen enemy is killed, specials are more reliable for that so the enemy doesn’t unfreeze. So you’ll often be pulling your special out to quickly pop frozen enemies to gain super anyway, this doubles down on that.

On top of that, there’s really nothing that fully competes for the slot for any content you’d use this build in. You could argue Vorpal, but in that case you might as well just run Izanagi’s Burden, since our kinetic and heavy slots are entirely free to use an exotic. The perk is open and this does exactly what we want it to.

The reason it’s not on primaries is because it's more efficient for both general play and super gain that your abilities are up more often. Also Thresh is kinda meh on primaries.


This gets a bit wordy. But if you’re still here, you’re curious, so lemme explain.

Like I said earlier, we’re here to cast Winter’s Wrath. Over. And Over. And Over again. So lemme explain the core exotic – Nezerac’s Sin:

Nezerac’s Sin actually performs a slightly different role in this build than most. Usually, Nezerac’s is used with Void to either chain with Chaos or keep up consistency and open up aggressive grenades with Devour. This is because killing something with your Void melee or grenade just chains your other abilities / your next use of that ability, all of that while charging your super! So between Nezerac’s and Ashes to Assets, you’re gaining a tonne of super.

While it’s known that simply using a Void weapon is all it needs, it’s very rarely used with Solar and Arc Warlocks, for one of two critical reasons: It’s unnecessary or non-synergistic.

For almost every Warlock tree, the fact that their abilities are designed to damage and kill means that they won’t proc Nezerac’s. So you end up in an instance where you will not throw your nade into a crowd, because that won’t charge your melee or your super! It makes you choose, and takes up an exotic slot! Other trees like Grace or Control that normally would benefit have better exotic options to begin with, and don’t need the ability regen offered because they have other ways to do it!

So why on Stasis?

Well, I’m sure a good few of you have already picked up on it: Stasis doesn’t kill. Not very well, at least.

But it’s more than that: Stasis has the longest ability cooldowns and the most reason to spam them off cooldown. Lowering their CD has an exponential increase on how strong their effects actually end up being.

Nezerac’s + Wellspring / Grenadier stack together to do one critical thing: They make sure your abilities are up constantly.

Sometimes you can chain shatter enemies. Good super! Terrible Nezerac. But that’s fine, since Nezerac is there mostly for ability upkeep, and the super gain is what takes this build from a fun gimmick to genuinely quite strong.

Pretty much everything we do is giving us super.

Killed an add? Get super from Nez.

Killed with your special? Get super from Thresh.

Killed something frozen? Unless it’s with your heavy (and even that, if it’s Void!) get super from WoB and Nez / Thresh.

The Last Word

Not the gun, but it got your attention!

I didn’t know where to put this, but this isn’t just a super spamming build. Thanks to how often your abilities are up you’ll be chain freezing, rifting almost as much as Grace (and freezing), and with a near permanent 25% damage boost from Whisper of Hedrons. So your neutral game is also really good.

Also, this build does work in Master NFs. There are better options, but it’s definitely far from bad. It requires some tweaking, though. Like remove <type> Charge and replace it with something more team focused, remove Energy Converter and do the same. Replace Whisper of Torment with anything else. If you’re doing Master NFs I’m sure you know what needs changing. If you’re new to Master NFs… I recommend a different starting point.

Go have fun. Be a cool dude/tte. Bring me back an iced mocha please, I need one now.

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