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It’s getting really challenging to defend Destiny 2 in it’s current state

destiny2 10 - It's getting really challenging to defend Destiny 2 in it's current state

I'm very passionate about this game with some 4k hours invested, 80 % of that in PvE and i still play regularly. What has kept me going in D2 and still does to some extent, is the power fantasy; constantly increasing the power of my characters through collecting specific weapon rolls, high stat gear/builds, self-imposed and in-game challenges, completionism and cosmetics but now the rewards are gone, everything is being sunset and the avenues/activities for using said power in order to get more cool stuff is vaulted, thus the accumulated power is superfluous in everything except the raids. Alas, the flawed foundational systems of the game have become glaringly obvious. The game is undoubtedly in a bad state right now. So i've decided to break the current negatives and positives from my perspective;

Seasonal Content

The seasonal activity has no gameplay or reward substance or longevity whatsoever.

(The Sundial or even better Menagerie; do that again. 1 minute seasonal activities like wrathborn hunts cannot be advertised for its current price point.)

Open World

The open world is dead yet it makes up a huge part of the game. Why manage such a major part of the game in such a neglectful manner?

(Suggestion to introduce open world difficulty tiers in the style of the Division)


The relative complexity and difficulty of the endgame content that is present is not being reflected in the quality of the rewards. The MMO side of the game is being neglected due to how there aren’t any options for endgame with reward incentive, longevity and replayability, outside of the raids.

(Menagerie/Reckoning comes to mind as an example of how to do this somewhat right.)


The game resides on ”spend hours grinding for X thing” and then have that thing be sunset and thus one’s time sink is not being respected. There is no straightforward path to grind the majority of legendary gear that is actually worthwhile, you'd have to scan reddit or discords for suggestions.

(Armor has never and will never warrant sunsetting, in only provides an artificial excuse for an endgame pursuit that doesn't even have a straightforward path to grind. And no, 80 % of legendary weapons never needed to be sunset, it's overdone)


Player Skill vs RNG Grinding

The worthwhile rewards that are in the game right now do not look to activate or respect player skill or character power in any way, XP is bounty grinding, legendaries and exotics are RNG. The challenges reward titles and the occasional cosmetics but nothing that can be utilized in actual gameplay.

(Divinity quest/solo flawless prophecy is a good example of how to to incentivise rewards by activating player skill)

Game Identity

D2 needs to find a consistent identity in terms of the average difficulty and depth of its activites. It comes down to dissonance and consistency, the game is all over the place.

(Season Of Opulence/Drifter comes to mind in terms of coherent game identity)


PvP was always an afterthought, it was introduced as a selling point but from a constructive POV, separate PvP and PvE balancing is crucial right now: think stasis, mtp, recluse etc. Oh and then some rewards tailored towards PvP would probably help.

Positives in Beyond Light/Season Of The Hunt:

• Incredible new destination.

• Interesting and powerful weapon perks.

• Interesting meta shift.

• Phenomenal character progression and depth.

• Great lore to in-game synergy.

• Player agency over raid loot that’s also solo friendly.

• Solo friendly exotic farming.

Closing words:

I'm aware of how i'm coming off like a broken record but these points need to be made crystal clear. We need player agency over loot, a reward structure across the whole game that respects time investment and provides longevity and incentive, furthermore the reward structure should serve to activate and respect player skill rather than mindless grinding. Solid seasonal activites with depth, challenge and longevity. The bottom line is; you can make the surface of any expansion as polished as you want for promotional purposes but the gaping hole that serves as a foundation for this game cannot be ignored any longer, enough.

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