Destiny 2

I’ve completed 350+ lost sectors – here is the relevant data on drop rates

destiny2 4 - I've completed 350+ lost sectors - here is the relevant data on drop rates

Hello and happy dawning friends.

In the quest for a better rolled Stomp-EE5 for my PvP build I became somewhat addicted to speed-running lost sectors. Being a PhD student, I am also addicted to data and numbers. Being the ok-ish scientist I am, it is my duty to share my results with you all.

Here, I present drop rate data for 213 Legend and 159 Master lost sector completions.


  • All data are for platinum finishes.
  • I did not start collecting data at the start of the season and I already had all new exotics for Beyond Light when I eventually did start. Thus, these data do not show any bias towards exotics not owned.
  • I started farming masters when at 1271 – this one makes a difference and I recommend being within 9 prior to farming hardcore. Otherwise, most of the lost sectors were done while over delta.
  • All runs are legit; I did not use the glitch that was available for some time to speed run Veles Labyrinth
  • All runs were done on Console. Drop rates are likely the same, but time to completion may vary based on your preferred input method.
  • Use swords. Any sword will do, just make sure you match the ++Burn on the lost sector on the day. Not a single completion is done with Guillotine.
  • I started this pre-dawning, but every lost sector completed is ~15 ish essence, regardless of difficulty
  • Except for Eriana's, I tried to use non-meta/grindy hard to get weapons as much as possible so that it would be accessible for all


Legend Tier

Exotic + Core126%
Cumulative exotic chance: 24% 


Master Tier

Exotic + Core1711%
Cumulative exotic chance: 36% 


So overall, what we can see is that, in terms of drop rate percentage, it appears the drop rate % difference is only ~10%. A FAQ I receive is Do you believe Master tiers are worth it? Short answer – Yes, but it does vary. Lets take a look at the break down of each lost sector's apparent drop rate, average time to completion, and my personal best completion time.

Regarding completion times – I am aware that content creators likely have YouTube videos on speed running these lost sectors. I have watch zero of these, and thus my times (and yours!) probably could be improved. They're also likely a bit skewed to be higher than in actuality, but I did not remove outliers nor times for when I was developing a lost sector-specific strategy


Legend Tier

Lost Sectorn completen exotics%Avg. timePB
Bunker E152115%4:383:19
Concealed Void311135%4:102:59
Exodus Garden 2A301240%3:022:03
Veles Labyrinth1002121%1:591:24


Master Tier

Lost Sectorn completen exotics%Avg. timePB
Bunker E15351029%5:233:40
Concealed Void24833%6:565:04
Exodus Garden 2A301343%4:583:29
Veles Labyrinth401538%3:462:35


Circling back to our original question: are Master lost sectors worth it? The answer is a very easy Yes from me. Even with a next gen console, the time it takes to load in and out make up for the difference in time between tiers. Moreover, once you get in a groove and work out a strategy that works for you, they're really quite easy. Often I'll just be grinding these while casually in party chat talking with friends.

The only lost sector that I would say "Legend is better than Master" is Concealed Void. This one has barrier champs that like to glitch around and its just a whole mess. Not to mention their shielding of overload champions in very inopportune locations. Anyone who has done this one on master likely understands this pain, and these data suggest that you should spend your time elsewhere. I've seen it stated that overload captains are the worst champion. I would argue anti-barrier servitors are.

I would even say Veles Labyrinth (a lost sector I farmed 140(!) times for this analysis), with those crazy quick times you can get on Legend, is still best farmed while on Master.


There appears to be some variation between drop rates and individual lost sectors. However, in general, these sample sizes per lost sector are likely too small to be reliable if there is a difference in lost sector drop rate per tier. My abysmal drop rate at Bunker E15 on legend might be chance. I'll keep collecting data and report back towards the end of the season.


My personal loadouts for each lost sector

Bunker 15 (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout – Any scout will do, but preference is given to those with explosive rounds to stagger champions
  • Eriana's Vow. anti-barrier hand cannon
  • Steel Sybil Z-14. At light, 2-3 light swings and one heavy will kill overload champions. Any void sword will do.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Tether also works, but boss is tanky.
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.

Concealed Void (solar burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout
  • Stars in Shadow. anti-barrier pulse; matches solar burn
  • The Lament – Lament for healing on the final boss. Otherwise, Eriana's Vow paired with Negative Space (Prophecy solar sword) also do the job nicely. I just wanted to mix up the energy slot.
  • If hunter: tether or stasis
  • If Warlock: Well of radiance – put well down, sword boss. Profit.

Perdition (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout – noticing a pattern?
  • Adored. Arc shield and deals with wyverns; any arc weapon will do
  • The Lament. anti-barrier sword
  • If hunter: Tether the boss, swing sword
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.
  • Note there are two anti-barrier champions after the final boss on Master difficulty

Exodus Garden 2A (void burn)

  • Patron of lost causes. overload scout
  • Riskrunner. anti-barrier submachine gun. It go brrrrr
  • Steel Sybil Z-14.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Will one shot boss if you crit
  • If Warlock: Top tree nova bomb with Contraverse Hold.
  • note there are two anti-barrier champions at the final boss on Master difficulty, kind of a pain to deal with. Have fun.

Veles Labyrinth (arc burn)

  • Dire promise. Any unstoppable weapon will do
  • Riskrunner. anti-barrier submachine gun. Riskrunner is easily the best weapon for this lost sector imo. Trust me, try it out.
  • Bequest. Any arc sword will do though.
  • If hunter: Nighthawk. Will one shot boss if you crit
  • If Warlock: Chaos reach with Geomags
  • note there are two unstoppable ogres at the final boss


You may have noticed that I provide no tips for Titans. Well thats because I started farming on my hunter and made my way to my warlock next. Titans will come later. But in the meantime, the final table is the apparent weighting of each exotic. Note again, inadequate sample size to get at any true weighting for most armor slots as random chance could be playing a large roll.

Armor slotHuntern%Warlockn%Titann%
PantsBombardiers1026%Geomag stabilzers667%lol titans
Frost-EE5821%Transversive steps222%
Stomp-EE5821%Promethium Spur111%
Lucky Pants513%Lunafaction boots0%
Orpheus Rig513%
Gemini Jester25%
HelmNucklehead Radar431%Apotheosis Veil327%
Graviton forfeit323%Nezerec’s Sin218%
Wormhusk215%Verity’s Brow218%
Foetracer215%The Stag218%
Mask of Bakris18%Felwinter’s Helm19%
Assassin's Cowl18Astrocyte Verse19
NightHawk0%Dawn Chorus0%
ArmsAthrys's Embrace229Sunbracers440%
Aeon Swifts114%Winter’s Guile220%
Liar's Handshake114%Ophidian Aspect220%
Shards of Galanor114%Claws of Ahamkara110%
Shinobu's Vow114%Nectroic Grip110%
Young Ahamkara's Spine114%Karnstein Armlets0%
Oathkeepers0%Getaway Artists0%
ChestSixth Coyote424%Wings of Sacred Dawn120%
Ophidia Spathe424%Sanguine Alchemy120%
Raiju's Harness318%Strombracer’s Embrace120%
Gwisin Vest318%Starfire Protocol120%
Dragon's Shadow212%Phoenix Protocl120%
Lucky Raspberry16%Chromatic Fire0%
Raiden Flux0%Vesper of Radius0%

I will do titans later, but hunter is the main, warlock is the secondary



Master lost sectors get a lot of slack from the community and I get it, overloads are annoying. But once you get into a routine, the ~10% bump in exotic chance is worth the extra time spent. Any scout with explosive rounds takes two shots to stun a champion. If you do not have one of these, do the New Light campaign to receive the curated Nightwatch (overflow + explosive rounds).

I'll probably keep farming because I like data and I'll try and post an updated table towards the end of the season (moon lost sectors are being added next season!)

Happy farming!

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