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I’ve finally finished the game, and it feels wierd…

destiny2 6 - I've finally finished the game, and it feels wierd...

I've been playing Destiny like pretty much everyone here for a long time.
I love this game. It's highs and it's lows. During the last season I had a bunch of the titles available at the time, so I decided that I would get all of them.

Tonight I finished the Strange Terrain Grandmaster, unlocked Conqueror and finally completed the game.

The chase was really fun to me, a good challenge all the way through.

I still remember the first title I got: Rivensbane. Petra's Run was the last triumph I needed and my hearth was beating all the way through the Raid. Cursebreaker and Dredgen were next after it. Then Chronicler (boy is that one way too long to get).

Shadow was the next title after it, and my team at the time got it the week it became available. I still remember how the Flawless menagerie bosses were harder than Crown of Ease.

Unbroken was by far the hardest one at the time. I had some help from some friends in the first two 5500 runs, but with Shadowkeep introducing freelance I decided to do the whole run solo, and that was one of the best decisions I made. The matches were really intense, the grind brutal at times, but I've always enjoyed PvP in Destiny, so I kept going.


It took me almost 3 days to get to 5500 in Freelance, and that was an insane achievement for me.

But when I really started chasing titles was during Warmind. The season was empty, but since I'm still unable to find a game I enjoy as much as Destiny, and due to covid I had a bunch of free time, I decided to go all in on the grind.

Almighty, Flawless, Blacksmith, Reckoner, Enlightened and Harbinger were all achieved in the span of a couple of months.
For most of them I already had some progress.


I'm kind of sad I don't have tweets for the other seals, I was hoping to group all of them together.

It feels pretty wierd. I'm really excited to see what Beyond Light will bring to the table!

All the completed seals:

I'm making this post in part because I'm pretty proud of myself (bragging), and in part becasue I wanted to put my experience in writing for people interested un pursuing some of these titles.

The grind for these might seem impossible without a full team of friends, but in reality you can get through a lot of the content in this game via LFG posts and random teams, or you can straight up solo some of the titles people think are too hard to get (Unbroken and Reckoner specifically)

Don't get me wrong: a consistent team helps a lot, I won't deny it, but pretty much all the PvE seals are achievable. Flawless runs and some challenges are probably the hardest things you're going to have to face, but with all the guides around and people in the community that like to help others you'd be surprised with how much you can do.

If you're one of those players that are scared of the challenge but are interested in starting to chase a title, just do it. You'll be surprised on how much you can achieve!

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