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Just finished the GM legitimately. Here is a long post about some tips.

destiny2 9 - Just finished the GM legitimately. Here is a long post about some tips.

We ran 2 Middle-Tree Sentinels with Ursa Furiosa and a Bottom-Tree Nightstalker with Sixth Coyote (haven't tested it with Omnioculus, but I could imagine it achieving the same results). We used the Nightstalker as the person to get revives for our teammates. I ran Izanagi with an RPG with Lasting Impression. My friends ran Anarchy and Two-Tailed Fox. We also ran some Charged with Light mods as well as the artifact mod "Sundering Glare". You can adjust your mods to appropriately fit the situation. You CAN run Warmind Cell mods if you'd like, but I feel like Charged with Light has more benefits and is a lot easier to activate.

Some tips running the GM. In the first encounter, go to the right area to kill the Unstoppable Champion. After that, carefully send one person to kill all the turrets. The other two people can deal with the Anti-Barrier that spawns in. Clear all the ads. Wait for the boss to spawn in, deal with the boss, Unstoppable, and ads carefully. Once its shield is up, I used a Honed Edge shot and a grenade to get rid of the barrier. After that, kill the Boss and the ads then move on.

There will be a couple of enemies before the tank room, they should be easy to kill.

Once you reach the tank room, DO NOT DROP DOWN!!! Deal with some of the ads and then drop down. After you drop, go to the right close corner (because there is slightly more cover there) and take out the Psions on each platform. While that's happening, have your two Sentinel Titans chain supers. Boring? Yes, but it gets the job done really well. We used Two-Tailed Fox to easily kill the vehicles Psions down below us. Keep chaining the supers until ads are cleared. Be aware of the dogs that spawn in as well. Once you kill all the vehicle Psions, the Yellow bar Psion, Anti-Barrier Champions, and the adds the tank phase will start. Once again, have one person prioritize the Psion snipers. After that, apply Sundering Glare onto one of the legs of the tank and melt it ASAP. Do the same thing for the other tank and take care of the adds. When both tanks are dead, you have a lot more breathing room to take care of the rest of the enemies. Deal with them accordingly.

Be careful of the next couple of ads.


Deal with all enemies and move into the room to kill the rest of them CAREFULLY. PRIORITIZE THE PSION SNIPERS. Don't grab the ball just yet. Open the door to bait out the Gladiators and deal with them on a separate platform. After that's done, have one person take care of both turrets to your left and have a Sentinel block incoming fire from the ads. Do the same thing for the other side. Once both balls are dunked. Be prepared for both an Unstoppable and an Anti-Barrier along with some ads. Ursa Furiosa Titan's really come in clutch here!! Make sure to deal with all the ads carefully. Make sure you have as much ammo as possible before going up.

Once you're in the boss room, I suggest waiting until at least one Titan has their super. This is to allow us to easily chain supers. Everyone goes to the back and have one Titan IMMEDIATELY pop their super to block the fireballs the boss shoots out. DON'T SHOOT DOWN THE FIREBALLS IF THE TITAN IS BLOCKING, this is to help regenerate super energy. Only shoot if the Titan DOES NOT have their super. Be careful of the ads shortly after you start the boss fight. After you get the boss two about 2/3 of her health, 2 Unstoppables will spawn. Kill that champion ASAP, but make sure your Titan is still blocking the fireballs with a super. Rotate to the other side if the 2nd Unstoppable gets too close for comfort. Once both Unstoppables champions are down, have the person with Izanagi go invisible and shoot a Honed Edge shot into the barrier cell. That one shot should be enough, if not throw a grenade. After that, keep chaining Sentinel supers to block the fireballs and kill the ads. HOWEVER, the boss will become somewhat more aggressive, so rotate to the other side when necessary. After you get the boss to 1/3 of her health, IMMEDIATELY go to the entrance of the room to deal with the Unstoppables at a safe distance. The fireballs should not track you since she is on the opposite side of the room. Once both Unstoppable champions are dead. Have the person with Izanagi go invisible near the barrier and unload a Honed Edge shot and a grenade onto the barrier cells. Finally, deal with the boss and ads carefully. Have one of the Titans distract the boss and rotate around the room if necessary. Use everything you have on the boss once all the ads are dead.

This is the way I beat the GM Nightfall this week. Overall, this Nightfall is very difficult compared to Arms Dealer and Devil's Lair. The tank and boss room are definitely the most difficult part of the GM.

Hope this helps!!! Feel free to leave advice for others.

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