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Just to put things into perspective… The Strike Playlist from Destiny 1

destiny2 6 - Just to put things into perspective... The Strike Playlist from Destiny 1

Just to put things into a little perspective. By playing the Strike Playlist in Destiny 1…

Earn Strike specific loot for all Strikes – Imago Loop, Barons Ambition, Grasp of Malok, Hood of Malok, Darkblades Spite, Taniks Cloak, Devils Dawn and so on…

Earn Random Legendaries exclusive to the Strike Playlist – Hopscotch Pilgrim etc. Sure we have Xenoclast for example, but if they intend of bringing more weapons in future seasons, Xenoclast will be near or at its expiration date with sunsetting.

Earn Random cosmetics like ships in the loot pool, these were SECONDARY drops and had no influence on actual strike specific loot, or end of game loot drops in general.

As a bonus, normal strikes had the possibility of Exotics dropping at end of playlist strikes. Just a possibility, a rare one but it was there.

Playing Strikes ranked up your Vanguard Reputation

Ranking up the Vanguard allowed you to choose between Weapons or Armor

We actually had Factions

Playing Strikes simultaneously ranked up your Faction of choice (Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, FWC)

Ranking up your Faction allowed you to choose between Weapons or Armor

Just by even playing the game playing you were getting Legendary Engrams, which in turn could be given to Rahool, increasing your Cryptarch reputation thus rewarding more Legendary Engrams on rank up.

By playing you were earning Legendary Marks (although capped) allowed you to purchase weapons/armor from all vendors on a weekly cadence, all of which had random rolls on Tuesday's reset. This was something to look forward to.


Old Strikes were somewhat updated with Taken and SIVA to tie into newer story lines. Somehow we still have Cayde-6 narrating strikes, a character who died two years ago and majority of his storyline tied to DCV with the Red War. Who was Cayde-6 before he died to a Destiny newcomer?

Now to tie it all into one big picture… The Dark Below, House of Wolves, Taken King, Rise of Iron (or any content drop for that matter) refreshed the loot pool with NEW weapons and armor for the Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult. Full loot pool, the only stuff that was reissued was fan favourites that got left behind in Year 1 as they “lacked an infusion node” introduced in The Taken King. Vendor refreshes gives not only Strikes, but every playlist a facelift (keyword) and made you actually want to play the game!!!

The Strike playlist from D1 had so many avenues of obtaining loot and things going on in the background. If RNG was shafting you by not giving you an Outlaw/Firefly Imago Loop for example, you weren’t necessarily coming out empty handed. Ranking up Vanguard, focussing in on what package you select on Rank up, likewise for your faction. Other external factors like ranking up the Cryptarch along the way and refreshing full loot pools of 4-5 vendors for content drops, adding to the loot pool was what kept people playing and was a very HEALTHY dynamic for the game!

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