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Killing *Xol* with fairly little effort is not unreasonable

destiny2 2 - Killing *Xol* with fairly little effort is not unreasonable

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One common (and fair) critique of Warmind is that we were able to kill a being in the highest order of the hive godhood, a Worm God. While killing (and then farm killing) a WORM GOD with such ease (if not the first time, definitely later) has always seem like a weird moment. But it does however make sense that we would be able to do so.

It has been brought up before that Xol, Will of Thousands was one of the
46779 - Killing *Xol* with fairly little effort is not unreasonable

weaker Worm Gods, but that doesn't mean that his death was in our reach. However, Xol is not the first Worm God to be killed (in physical form) in the Destiny Universe.

It is described in the Books of Sorrow* how Auryx killed the Worm God Akka, Worm of Secrets. From Akka, Auryx took the power to commune with the Deep (the Darkness) from which he obtained the ability to Take, making him Oryx, the Taken King. Even after that, Oryx's power grew even further from the campaign of destruction against the
Ecumene and various other species.

We were able to defeat Oryx (or rather, his physical form) in the TTK expansion in D1, showing our might over the supposed God. This took some preparation, but that can be weighed against us being aided by Rasputin's javelin. Killing Oryx in His thrown world took a whole raid, but that's not relevant as we did no such thing with Xol (and probably won't**), and in the TTK expansion, killing oryx could be done in a solo mission with not much effort.

We didn't claim Oryx's power through the Sword Logic (to Toland's disappointment), but we have however grown stronger since facing Him (just as He had grown stronger since facing Akka). Us being able to kill Oryx shows our might not only over Him, but over all those he had faced, including his old god Akka, making it likely that killing a weaker Worm God would not have been an Issue.


While it of course feels odd that we kill (our first?) Worm God in such a small expansion and mission, and it seems to be implausible considering the lore of the Worm Gods, it is actually very possible, even probable, that we could face Xol head on.

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*The Books of Sorrow are contested by Savathûn, claiming that "These Books The Books of Sorrow> are full of lies!". Seeing however as Savathûn is the god of trickery and deceit, this post is assuming that the books are in fact correct in the fact that Oryx killed Akka.

**Xol lives on and has """joined""" our side by allowing us to turn him/turning himself into the Whisper of the Worm, becoming an instrument by which we destroy even mightier foes, feeding him and proving the Sword Logic in the process. He has no incentive to fight us, as he is looking for foreign power to strengthen his own.

TLDR: We killed Oryx in the TTK expansion, and Oryx had long ago killed Akka, a Worm God even mightier than Xol. Therefore it makes sense that we should be able to kill Xol in Warmind

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